killing God


Account Closed
if people or spirits don,t want God,what do they do.?
they kill all that believe in God.
hence old testament.
who would benefit from this.?
by what means would they benefit.?

every problem has a act or action to get the desired result for a person/spirit,or a group/spirit.
if people/spirits do very bad things,and don,t want to repent,they will try to kill the justice.
if you read the bible backwards ie opposite of the written word,some pressume they will find good or evil.
it is more complicated than that.
to keep the do unto others theory.with Christ.
and people going back in time to the old testament would cause havoc.
and a licence to kill if evil had the means the Good.

but we are told this is true,to stop Christs arrival.
so we are dealing with great evil in high places.
Christ warned us of these things, so that we can be prepared and not fear. He said to continue to do the work which He has clearly given us... and that is to love our God, and to love others...He said to share HIS word with the lost, to care for the sick, elderly, widow and the poor...

In the mist of that you see, continue on until His return, or until He takes you home.
Peace to you! God Bless, and do not grow weary and do not fear for who can compare to Him, our Lord!