Latest Prophecies 2015

Prophecy: “These are prophecies and prophetic revelations from the Holy Spirit.” The Lord showed me this as a means of introduction for this book. All these prophecies were given from the Holy Spirit, usually whilst in prayer, or praying with others.

There are different types of prophecies that the Lord releases to His people. Sometimes prophecies that pertain to world events or specific people need a level of discernment or revelation from the Holy Spirit in order for their credibility to be confirmed. The prophecies that the Lord has given here are dimensional prophecies of wisdom, correction and instruction which can easily be weighed against the teachings of Jesus Christ, the book of Proverbs and the Bible.

The Lord showed me lately to do a short teaching about how people expect everyone else to do everything for them, whilst praying and seeking about this the Lord showed me these prophecies and revelations:

1. “People have a responsibility to seek truth for themselves.”

People are no longer motivated in this world to be accountable for their own life, or be responsible for their own life. They’re given the feel-good factor that the world has or does everything for them. So they don’t really see, there is no motivation to think for themselves, and they are also deluded by scriptures that teach them they are blessed and they are privileged, that they forget the requirement to seek God for themselves diligently and to obey the Gospels.

2. “People have been conditioned to believe that there are authority figures that do everything for them.”

This is a tactic of the enemy in order to deceive people because if people understood that they are required to seek truth themselves, then they would be in a position to perceive error in authority figures.

3. “People often don’t have an understanding of the psychological makeup of a person in authority.”

A person in authority has more responsibility and is therefore subject to factors pertaining to that extra responsibility. They operate on a broader spectrum which affects their decisions in a different way to others, as they have more things to take into account.

4. ‘The reasons why people expect others to do things for them: Lack of motivation, laziness, lack of initiative.‘

5. “People make excuses not to help based on their supposition about things. They are supposing based on an inadequacy and determination not to obey the wisdom of Christ as written in the Gospels.”

People are accustomed to supposing through ignorance or lack of understanding rooted in the world’s thinking and the world’s way of doing things, subject to their own reasoning.

6. “People in their laziness and contempt for truth suppose other people should get things done.”

7. “Everyone should seek their own destiny, they are accountable to do that, if they don’t then they are expecting others to seek it for them instead.”

8. “People are not taught that authority figures can be deceived, and if they understood that, they would be more careful about what they are being taught as well.”

‘Be careful that the light in you is not darkness, for if the light you have is darkness, how great is that darkness.’

This can be a problem because they are subjecting themselves to the possible delusions from those they expect to do everything for them. An example would be if a believer is expecting and relying on a Pastor to do everything for them (to rightfully divide truth for them) and that Pastor is in heresy or error, then that believer would be jeopardizing either their right-standing with God (salvation) or eternal rewards by trusting in an individual rather than seeking God in prayer.

9. “The way the world presents reality to the people, gives them the delusion, the supposition that things work out in a certain way, the status quo. People think that it is the experts (government, beurocrats, officials) job to do their job. (‘It’s your job to do our job’).”