Laughter Is Great Medicine!

Generally speaking, how often do you laugh?

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A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed
spirit dries up the bones.

Proverbs 17:22

Feel free to post humorous tid bits and have a good laugh.
God bless!​
Hopefully, I'm not breaking any rules by sharing jokes that others have shared with aunt etc. :D

Any way, here goes. :D

What's invisible and smells like carrots?

....bunny farts .... :whistle:
What happens when you kiss a canary?

You get chirpies, and you can't tweet it because it is a canarial desease.
In a large meeting room there was a large table surround by many people brainstorming to come up with a name for a new sauce their company had developed. A feeble old man, the janitor, comes into the room emptying the waste baskets. The janitor picks up a bottle of the sauce, and in a southern accent ask, 'Whash dis hear saws'?
Jesus and the disciples are having the last supper and someone says, 'if you want to get into this picture, you better get onto this side of the room'.
A blind man with his seeing-eye-dog go into the middle of a large department store. All of a sudden he grabs the dog by the tail and starts slinging the dog round and round over his head. A lady that works there, runs up quickly shouting, 'Hey, hey, what are you doing!?!?'

The blind man replies, 'Oh, just taking a look around'. ;/
Not a joke, but amusing.

There is a well know chain store in America that has a policy of hiring retirees.

At one particular store they hired an elderly man that never came to work on time, however, after he arrived he performed all of his work extremely well and was very polite and well disciplined, one day the store manager called him into his office to talk with him,

"You know sir, I find your work ethics exceptional and your personality is impeccable, however there is just one problem, your tardiness,"

"Yes, the worker replied, I'm aware of the problem and I will try to be on time,"

"I'm curious, said the manger, what happened during your career, before you retired, when you came to work late?"

"They usually snapped to attention and my aide would ask me, 'would you like your coffee now, Admiral?' "