Learn the Truth about Diabetes

Feb 11, 2019
Glen Rock, PA
Unless the main cause of Insulin is brought up, the Truth on diabetes will be missed.
I was a type 2 diabetic for 7 years but not once was the subject of Insulin was brought up by wellspan. Moment I learned about insulin resistance the cause of type 2 was when I took action to fix it with Dr Berg’s intermittent fasting and healthy Keto within 3 months I reversed diabetes without meds, by cutting out all sugars and carbs except from green vegetables.

Diabetes is not a killer unless you refuse to change your lifestyle of carbs and sugar. If a type 1 intermittent fasting and healthy Keto is still the best for you, it’s about learning to depend on less insulin and not more.
Check out Dr Jason Fung a leading specialist on diabetes and recommends fasting and keto, even does an interview with dr berg.

The thing not to do is listen to American diabetes advice, or anyone that recommends high carb diets and taking loads of insulin. Unless you want to get worse while funding the drug companies that don’t need your help.

Healing the main cause of high insulin and insulin resistance through cutting down the carbs and sugar to zero is the only way to get better and saving your money. Wouldn’t you rather spend your money on you and loved ones rather then on drugs you don’t need?
Do your own research and find the truth to what I am saying.