Learning from my daughter

The Lord has been using my 3 year old daughter to teach me many things! This happened yesterday. We were at Costco and returning to car after shopping. By mistake I left the water bottle in cart itself. There was another guy in a car behind us. He stopped for us and showed it. I said thanks and got back. Then I pulled out and was going behind him. He was talking a right and he was going too close to the curb. The car hit the Stop sign and damaged the passenger very badly. Something came off the car also.

Myself and my wife felt so bad. He just helped us and now he his car was damaged. And it was not an accident as he himself hit the stop sign.

We only felt bad. It stopped there. But it was my daughter who said, mommy & daddy, let's pray to Jesus. Then she did a small prayer asking Jesus to repair the car and take that person to home safely. I learnt something! I don't look up to Lord enough. When someone falls sick, my first reaction is to think whether I should to emergency room or something. My first reaction is always "What can I do". Instead it should be giving over the situation to Lord and asking for his guidance. We thanked the Lord for showing us the lesson :) And I am so thankful for the little one in my life. I am praying that she would continue growing in Lord and help us grow as well! :D
You are absolutely right. When we are struck by an incident, we have a tendency to do something else that seems to be the most reasonable thing to do instead of calling upon God to intervene on our behalf. Oftentimes, we hand over the situation to God when things become worse. I think the reaction of your daughter clearly demonstrates why we you should make sure that when dealing with certain issues that we call upon God to guide us throughout the process.