Lent - A Time for Spiritual Spring Cleaning of the Soul

Hi everyone,

Thought I would share an article I wrote about Lent, and how it cleanses the soul. I hope and pray that everyone has had a good start to Lent, if you celebrate it.

And as always, I appreciate your feedback.

God bless,

Article Excerpt: "Lent is a time to meditate on the Passion of Our Lord – to think about how much He has given for us – everything. It is a time for us to look into ourselves and think what we can offer back to Him. Especially the attempt to overcome things inside us that are not very nice – a time to put into practice a new virtue."

@Grow in Virtue
Hello Alan,
Thank you for sharing this article with us and it reminds me of things that we as believers should be ridding our selves of constantly. Hmmm perhaps lent should be 24/7/365
Giving up more of us and taking hold of more God in us.

I have notbeen one for new year resolutionsand such but this year I heard something that got me thinking....It should not be new year but New Life . Such as taking hold of the written word of God and renewing your mind and building your spirit man up and your faith up and making "New Life" ways or the way I function in this life. It changed the way I say things brother.
Have a wonderful and Blessed week end
In the past i have done the daniel's fast which is done at the same time as lent. I think the idea of lent is a good one and as fcj spoke it should be done all the time. Communion with the Lord should not be taken lightly, nor should being thankful for all that God has done for us! I like the fact that lent is in some way truing to give something back to the Lord and to concentrate on what the Lord has done, prior to resurrection Sunday. Imo i decided to make a life of counting the cost of following Him and really deciding to follow Him at all costs every day, daily crucifing the flesh.
Many blessings and much peace be unto you!