Let's Write a Story!

Sep 5, 2007
Central Oregon
Let's Write a Story!

Take turns writing!:D

One night, Dolly was in deep sleep--probably dreaming about something she wasn't supposed to be doing--when she was pulled into waking by a loud bang!

Her eyes immediately flew open and she found herself staring up at her own darkened bedroom ceiling, her heart pounding. Had she really heard a bang? Or was it something inside of her dream?

She listened carefully, not hearing much of anything besides the hum of electronics around her. Her hand flew out from under the covers, and she tried to wake Bill, but he only snored.

There was the whisper of something moving quietly within the house, followed by a sharp clack. Dolly's eyes widened into capital O's.

"Bill!" she shouted in a whisper to the bulk lying next to her in bed. Still, there was no response. Just snores. Bill wouldn't wake until he wanted to wake, she knew. But nonetheless... "Bill!" she tried again, this time shaking him gently. Nothing.

Dolly, 32, wearing a cotton night gown, slipped out of bed and tip-toed towards the bedroom door...

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Sep 4, 2007
Suddenly, the door burst open!


"Kitty!" cried Dolly. "You scared me!"

Dolly picked up the kitten and nuzzled it. Kitty purred. Dolly felt relieved knowing that the sound in the house was only Kitty. She placed the cat back down on the floor and started back over to the bed. As Dolly was climbing beneath the covers she heard a faint thump from the hallway outside her door..................

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Sep 5, 2007
Central Oregon
...Kitty sat there on the floor, staring up at Dolly with a silly expression that all cats can manage: Did-you-hear-that-one-too?

Dolly spun around and shook Bill now as hard as she could manage, making the bedsprings creak and thumping her husband's head on the headboard. "Alright, I'm not kidding around anymore, Bill! Wake up! I said wake up!"

Bill's eyes opened in slow motion and focused on her. "Hrmmph?"

"There's something in the house!" Dolly hissed in a whisper.

Bill's eyes closed, again in slow motion. "Honey," he grumbled, "I'm serious. I gotta get up and go to work in a few hours. Really."

Dolly shook his eyes open again. "I am not going to be murdered by some deranged intruder just because you have to get up and go to work in a few hours!" she yelled in a whisper. "This time, I'm serious! There really is something in--"


Bill and Dolly exchanged wide-eyed looks. "I told you!" she screamed at him in breath, and then slapped him on the shoulder harder than she'd meant to.

Bill swung his feet out of the sheets and stood up. In a way, she felt a little more secure standing behind him in the shadows of their bedroom. He was just over six feet tall, but he wasn't overly muscular (just the way she liked them). People were never intimidated by Bill, oh no. But at the same time, they didn't seem to mess with him. Of course, there were two Bills just like there were two of every men. One of them was the bill that nobody would mess with. And then there was the Bill that would scream a high-pitched shriek if he ever encountered a hairy spider larger than a quarter.

Together, her clutching onto the shoulders of his pajamas and Kitty hiding behind the nightstand now, Dolly and her husband seemed to tango in matching steps towards the bedroom door.

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Dec 3, 2007
With a trembling hand, Bill reached out to grasp the doorknob.
"Wait!" Dolly hissed, clenching his pajama top tighter. Bill jumped 2 inches back.
"What?" He demanded.
"Maybe we shouldnt open the door."
"Are you out of your mind?" Bill was incredulous. "After waking me up from a sound sleep, NOW you dont want to open the door?"
Dolly buried her face into his back. "I'm scared." was her muffled reply.
"So am I, but this is MY house, and I wont have anyone bumping and scraping around here in the middle of the night without a "by your leave"!" Squaring his shoulders, Bill reached out again and grasped the doorknob, firmly, and began to turn it....
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Sep 5, 2007
Central Oregon
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He's going to open it, Dolly thought, and there's going to be a maniac standing on the other side. The maniac will be wearing a long, over-sized trenchcoat stained here and there with blood and it's going to have holes like knife-marks in it. The maniac is going to have stringy wet hair hanging over his face, and he's going to be smiling this insane grin that only crazy people have. And I'm going to have bare seconds to make a dash for the phone to dial 9-1-1 while Bill and the Maniac wrestle on the floor. And I know how I get at times like that...I just know! I'm going to hit 9-9-1 instead. Only I won't realize what I did until I've stood there waiting for someone to answer.

Bill opened the door before she could protest again.

And on the other side, out in the hallway, this time, was an angel, faced in the opposite direction, his back towards Dolly and Bill!:eek:

An angel with wings whiter than fresh snow. An angel wearing a long robe that was too clean and too pure to be anything but artificial, Dolly thought. The angel was barefoot, and at his feet was a pair of glasses with one lens shattered.

They stood solid in the doorway, clutching each other in their arms, unable to move, unable to say anything, unable to do anything but look at the amazing sight in their hallway like this:

I'm dreaming, Dolly thought. I'm still in bed and I'm dreaming and it's going to be like one of those cheesy Lifetime movies...something either very terrible or terribly good is going to happen now, and when it's all over and done with I'm going to wake up in my own bed and it'll all either start over again or it's going to make me a better person in the long-run.

The angel, still standing with his back towards them, cleared his throat and straightened out the front of his flowing gown. "I..." he said in a deep, authoratative voice, "I am an angel of the Lord!"

Dolly and Bill just loooooked at each other. That look in his eyes was like asking her if he was dreaming as well.

"We're..." Bill said, and then gently coughed into his fist. "We're over here."

The angel looked, squinting, and then grinned foolishly. "I'm sorry," he said in a more normal-sounding voice. He stooped and picked up the glasses at his feet and put them on. "I busted up my glasses on entry again. God hates it when I do that!:eek:"

The angel grinned at them through his shattered glasses, then straightened his robe again, cleared his voice, and said: "Anyway...I...am an angel of the Lord!"

"I'm Dolly," Dolly heard herself say. She almost extended her hand, but realized at the last minute how silly that would be.

"And I'm Bill," Bill told the angel.

"Yes, I..." the angel bumbled, "I know that. Of course. Now. It's not like I go appearing in just anybody's house, ya know...okay, so it happened once. I did it once! I'm sorry. But hey, I'm only angel."

Again, Dolly and Bill looooooked at each other. "Why," Bill said, "why are you here?"

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Dec 3, 2007
"Wait a minute." Dolly said in sudden suspicion, "Whoever heard of an angel wearing glasses? What kind of an angel are you, anyway?"
Drawing up to his full height, the angel straightened his robe. With great dignity, he spoke.
"I, am a Guardian Angel. The most important assignment in heaven."
"Who's?" Bill squeaked.
Dolly thought to herself, 'It's bound to be Bill's, he is so bumbling, always bumping into things, breaking things. I'll bet its Bill's angel.'
"Actually, Dolly, I am yours." The angel squinted in the dim light. "And believe me, you have not made my job easy!"

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Sep 5, 2007
Central Oregon
Dolly stammered: "Me!? What about him!" she jabbed Bill in the side with one finger, making Bill jump. "I have been nothing but kind and generous and--"

"I'm not here to judge you," the angel told her as the cracked lens in his glasses crumbled out and fell to the floor. "I'm here because you're reckless. You're dangerous. You're careless and--"

"Excuse me!?" Dolly said, stepping forward. She felt Bill's hand gently grab her by the elbow. The angel took an absent step back away from her. Dolly balked and stuttered in disbelief, "are-are-are you sure that you have the right Dolly here? Dolly at 2379 Righteous Way? Dolly, the daughter of Hagatha? Bake sale Dolly that makes those pink-frosting cupcakes that everybody loves?"

Bill cleared his throat and Dolly shot him a glance. He sank away from her.

"You're obviously mistaken," she told the angel then. "I am a pinnacle of..."

"The only thing you're a pinnacle of," the angel told her, "is getting yourself into trouble without even knowing about it. Without ever realizing what great dangers you've been in. Do you know how many times I've had to catch something in the mere seconds before it bonks you in the head? Do you know how many banana peels you've almost skidded on in your life? It hurts skidding on banana peels, believe you me. Angels really aren't built to do the splits, especially when they're built like me."

"Banana splits," Bill whispered in awe. Dolly shot him another glance, and he shut up.

"So, what are you doing here?" Dolly asked the angel. "Shouldn't you be invisible and helping people out? Don't you have a job to do? Are you just here to complain and whine?"

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Dec 3, 2007

A very large, very muscular angel suddenly charged out of the living room.
"Did you tell them?" He boomed in a deep, resonating voice.
Bill and Dolly shrank back from the obvious power in this being.
"Who are YOU?" Bill whispered.
The second angel merely glanced at the two humans, then turned his focus on the guardian angel.
"Not yet," he answered. "There hasnt been time."
"We are OUT of time, Ranwell." The new angel threw his hands up in the air in frustration. "They have to go, NOW."
"Go where?" Dolly finally found her voice. "Are you my guardian angel, too?"
Ranwell flapped his hand in her direction to be quiet.
"I am Bill's guardian angel, Brason." The large angel intoned quietly. "Now, please, lets go."
Brason grabbed Bill by the elbow and steered him toward the living room.
"Wait!" Dolly exclaimed as Ranwell did the same to her. "Where are we going? What's going on? Why are we leaving the house in our pajamas?"
"Dolly, it is imperative that you come with us." Ranwell said in a soothing tone. "We are going on an adventure."
Brason merely glanced at Ranwell and pulled Bill along.
Bill shrugged his shoulders. "Ok, but can we stop for a banana split?"

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Sep 5, 2007
Central Oregon
"I need to take the curlers out of my hair and grab my cell phone," Dolly said as Ranwell pulled her along.

Brason turned back to look. "No time! Busy, busy, busy!" And then to Bill. "Wouldja pick it up a bit? Come on!"

"Well...are we going to fly there or are you just going to--" Bill was saying.

"Shhhhhhhhhhhh!" Brason hissed as he hurried out the door. "You know, you don't have to vocalize your every single itty-bitty last thought, there are some things that the Lord wouldn't mind you just thinking sometimes!"

Bill turned his head to give Dolly a crooked grin, and she could tell that he was enjoying all of this, sleep or not. Dolly, on the other hand, was beginning to feel like a prisoner being led out to the exercise yard.

"So what...are you just going to fly us around town? Me in my night gown and hair rollers like Wendy with a hangover?"

Runwell gave her an apologetic smile, and Dolly watched as Brason and Bill stepped out of the front door and silently, effortlessly, lifted off into the night air.

"Oh wait," Dolly said, suddenly resisting. "Wait-wait-wait! I'm terribly--"

One second, he was dragging her on the cold cement of the front porch; and the next...her toes were splayed feeling nothing but air.

Dolly screamed out in terror...and just ahead of them on this invisible night skyway, Bill roared with the laughter of a small boy on an amusement park ride.

Dec 3, 2007
Dolly clung tightly to Ranwell's arm. "I'm dreaming." She thought to herself. "I'm dreaming, and I'm gonna wake up in the morning and everything is going to be back to normal."
Ranwell caught up to Brason and they flew in tandem.
"BILL!" Dolly shrieked! "Why arent you holding onto Brason? Why have you let go?"
Bill, laughing with abandon, did a swirling loop de loop.
"Try it!" He shouted. "Its fun!"
"You are out of your mind!" Dolly shouted back. But as they flew thru the night sky, she started to enjoy herself. Just a little.
They flew faster and faster, until the colors of the night bled together and changed to a bright blue.
"What's happening?" Dolly asked Ranwell. But before he could answer, they were there.
Bill and Dolly landed on thier feet with a thump, and Brason and Ranwell were gone.
Looking around, they saw they were standing on grey flagged stone, and extremely tall stone walls surrounded them.
Bill peeped around an opening and grunted in surprise.
"What?" Dolly asked, clinging to his arm.
"No banana splits."

Sep 5, 2007
Central Oregon
I know this place, she thought...I've been here before. But like a name of a friend that you knew when you were a child and haven't seen since, the mention of this place was on the tip of her tongue. And yet a mystery to her at the same time.

Bill was panting, doubled over and breathing hard in excitement. He had a grin on his face and he looked alive and full of joy. He was beaming!

But Dolly felt exhausted. Spent. The excitement and the electricity of the night she had felt zipping through the air had drained her of everything. She thought about grabbing onto Ranwell's arm to help steady herself, but resisted.

"It's okay," Ranwell told her. "If you need to steady yourself, here." He offered her his arm, but she only shook her head.

Bill barked out laughter and stood up. "That was...! That was amazing! I've always wanted to do that, always. Since I was a little boy, I always wanted to try that!"

Brason was nodding his head, as if he knew.

Dolly was a bit jealous. Here was Bill, shouting out and laughing he couldn't contain himself. Why was this so hard for her? What was going on here? Was this judgment?

"Here," Brason told Bill, and extended his hand. Dolly watched intently. Bill reached out, and Brason dropped fine golden sand into the palm of Bill's hand. It was beautiful. Gold dust. It gleamed with its own inner-light. She could see sparkles in it as Brason trickled it from his hand into Bill's. "These are the days of your life," Brason told him. "Each one accounted for. Each one numbered."

Ranwell was smiling dreamily, and watching. Dolly looked to him, and he seemed to snap out of it. "Oh, I'm sorry!" He dug in his pocket, and his fingers fished in there for a long time.

Brason sighed.

He's going to tell me that he dropped mine, Dolly thought. Or it all blew out of his pocket while we were flying through the air. That's the kind of angel I got. Clumsy, wearing glasses with only one lens. That my kind of luck. Now I'll either have to sit with my back against a wall watching Bill get his business done or Ranwell is going to fly me home and leave me wondering what all of this is about.

But Ranwell pulled his hand out of his pocket eventually and offered it to Dolly. "These," he told her with an excited smile, "are your days. All numbered and accounted for, you can count them again if you want."

As he poured the sand into Dolly's hand, she suddenly felt life and excitement spilling into her flesh like a stain growing on a rug. She grinned a polite grin and felt the texture of the sand on the flat of her palm. She was thinking a million things, but the only thing to come out was a whispered single word: "Beautiful!"

"Cast it at the wall," Brason said. No, he commanded.

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Dec 3, 2007
Dolly hesitated. These grains of sand were the days of my life? She flinched and clenched her fist harder when Bill let out a triumphant yell and threw his sand at the wall.
Looking up, she saw the sand glittering all over the stones. The glitter increased and spread until it formed a large rectangle, much like a tv screen. They were watching Bill's life as it had happened. One scene coming after another, in colors unimagined before. Such clarity!
Still, she hesitated. This was her life! Did she really want to everyone to see what a pitiful life she had led?
Feeling stupid and inadequate, she started to turn away.
Ranwell looked at her in empathy.
"Think your not up to snuff?" He asked gently.
Pitifully, she nodded.
He gestured at Bill, laughing and crowing at the adventures he had had as a boy. "Do you think its all about you?" He again said gently. "Could it be that its also about someone else?"
"What do you mean?"
"You're feeling like dumb and pitiful, and thinking your life isnt worth looking at." She couldnt help but nod. "But there is Bill, with the same life, enjoying every minute of it."
That was obvious. He was jumping up and down, shouting at her "Do you remember that?"
Ranwell continued. "Bill would like for you to enjoy it WITH him. He needs your affirmation. He needs you to think about him for a moment, and not be consumed with yourself and what you are going thru."
Now, that was hard to take! Who did he think he was, anyway?
Yet, still, as she watched Bill caper and call out to her, she began to see his point.

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Sep 5, 2007
Central Oregon
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So before she could change her mind, Dolly threw her handful of sand at the wall in front of her and watched as the grains separated and took their place against the stone in awesome slow-motion.

"My God," she had time to whisper in complete wonder as the air around her grew dense and Ranwell whispered over one of her shoulder.

"I told you," he said, and she could hear the smile on his lips, althought she wans't even turned in his direction.

The grains of sand, moving in slow motion, collided with one another and sparked, drifted, each one with a driven purpose and finding its way to the rock. "Bill!" she shouted. "Bill look at this!"

But Bill was busy. In the corner of her eyes, she could see that Bill had shrunken down onto his knees and was weeping in joy and laughter while watching, watching.

The wall in front of Dolly exploded into light so bright that she instinctively shielded her eyes from the radiant blast. The warmth spilled outward, over her, around her, through her, and she heard herself gasp as if she'd just been thrown into a refreshing mountain lake.

"I love this part," she heard Ranwell say to himself as he stepped away to watch.

The entire wall in front of her went white. All white, she thought, that she had seen from the time that she was born until just now, was flawed somehow. All white had blemishes. All white that her eyes had ever seen until just now wasn't the real white, the white that she was seeing in front of her. This was the only white. All other colors that claimed to be white in her life were only imitations. They were all bad copies of this light, she thought.

"I'm scared," she realized she was whispering over and over again, with heavy tears falling freely now. "I'm scared, I'm scared, I'm scared..."

"Good," Ranwell said behind her. "I'd be worried if you weren't."

The light intensified and surrounded her until she was sure that she was no longer standing in front of it...but in it. At the center of it.

Dolly's heart stopped beating in her chest as a calm fell over her. Immediately, her muscles - every last one of them - unclenched and relaxed by no conscious thought of her own.

"I'm scared," was now replaced with "I remember, I remember, I remember!" as Dolly looked on in complete, utter wonder...

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Dec 3, 2007
Fascinated, she watched the threads of her life weave together to form a beautiful tapestry.
"So much is making sense, now!" Dolly exclaimed. She saw random events were really a part of a whole. Things that puzzled her, now had reasons. Minor incidents led to great moves.
She forgot all about Bill as she watched the Love of God pour into her life into every little crevice and valley. How He provided and she was oblivious.
Weeping now, she fell to her knees.
"Sorry, Lord, so sorry!" She cried from the deepest part of her being. "I didnt know! Help me, Lord! I've come undone!"
Dolly was startled to feel arms around her shoulders. It was Bill, whispering in her ear. Encouraging her. Loving her. She returned his embrace and they sat there on the stones, weeping together.
Bill and Dolly jumped. They had forgotten about the angels.
Ranwell and Brason were lounging off to the side.
"Happens every time." Ranwell sighed again.
"What happens?" Dolly asked as she wiped off her face.
"No time." Brason stood abruptly. With a wave of his hand, the images were gone from the wall. "We have to go."
'Always in a hurry, that one.' Dolly thought to herself. Aloud, she said "Where are we going now?"
"Questions, questions!" Brason waved her off. "No time! The others are waiting!"
"Others?" It was Bill's turn to question. But he didnt have a chance to finish it when Brason charged down a long hall, full speed. Ranwell herded the two after him, tripping over the hem of his robe.
'And he's MY guardian angel?' Dolly thought witheringly.

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Sep 5, 2007
Central Oregon
Running, she thought, I'm running! Full speed ahead! But the strange thing was, she could no longer feel her legs charging her forward, down into the hall. I'm really just standing still, she thought, and the floor, the hall is moving because I can't remmeber the last time that I ran this fast! There's no effort here, I'm not doing a thing. My legs are moving, I'm hurtling forward, but I'm not doing this!

Memories from the wall were still everywhere inside of her. Comforting, calm, in vibrant colors that she'd never seen before. The memories weren't a projection of anything outside of her, she knew this somehow as she charged onward. Those memories on the wall had come from inside of her and outside, from all directions, it was hard for her to even put into thought. It wasn't a play or a movie or a story or a book. It was truth. Her truth. Her actions. Her faith that there was something more, some deeper reason for everything. Concrete belief in her heart that there really was a right and there really was a wrong.

Everything is linked, she thought. All details, small and large, are linked together somehow, someway. From the tiniest - letting the little old lady in front of me know that she'd dropped a dime - to the largest, consciously deciding to raise my arms in church and ask for Jesus to help me...they were all linked! There were no accidents, it was all on purpose. All of it, all events in my life have all funneled down into this: I am God's.

Around them, the hall opened into an immense chamber with marble floors and a high ceiling. Great polished columns towered all around them, almost appearing to be wet more than they did solid.

"You know one of the most beautiful things that I saw back there and remembered?" Bill asked her as they ran forward at sprinters paces.

He's speaking without effort, she thought. We could be in bed, sharing pillow talk, and he'd have this same tone of voice. If I was listening to him say these things to me from a recorder instead of with his mouth, I'd think that he was relaxed.

"Meeting you for the first time," he told her. "And knowing without a doubt that you were the one for me. Even back then, Dolly, I knew. Nothing ever happened--"

"--by accident," she finished for him, amazed that she was also speaking in a relaxed tone. "Nothing. I saw the same thing, Bill. I knew. I remembered, and I felt it all over again. I felt the same shoes on my feet, I smelled the same awful french fries boiling in oil at the burger stand across the street. I felt the scratchy wool of that awful red sweater against the back of my neck. All of it was there."

He grinned a crooked grin at her, and they joined hands as they continued on.

"Are we dead?" she whispered in wonder.

The chamber yawned even wider around them. She couldn't help but think that it must have costed billions of dollars to construct such a place of spotless beauty.

"You're not dead," Ranwell said from behind them, huffing a puffing. Dolly looked back to see her angel pushing his Buddy Holly glasses up on his nose. "In fact, you could say that your entire lives are just--"

"Ranwell!" Brason screamed back over his shoulder.

Ranwell's mouth shut with a click of his teeth.

There were stairs ahead, leading downward. Dolly watched as Brason approached these steps without hesitation, his robe fluttering in slaps and whips around his ankles like a flag in a hurricane. He began his descent, almost seeming to float down the stairs more than he was taking each step one at a time.

Dolly and Bill followed.

Below, there was a great arena, expanding in all directions. It was so large, Dolly thought, that the air itself in this place had weight.

"It's a celebration," Bill called out to her in the sudden rush of voices coming from the arena. "Countless in celebration!" Bill screamed out in joy.

"Hurry!" Brason hollared over his back.

"Yes, hurry!" Ranwell shrieked excitedly, and then cackled like a kid on Christmas morning.

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