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Dec 3, 2007
Running full tilt into the room, they pulled up short next to a group of people robed in shimmery white gowns. They were all different kinds of people, apparently from all over the world. And they were singing, each their own song. There were all kinds of musical intruments, some she recognized, some quite foreign to her. There were all kinds of music, too, from full throated gospels, to chants and humming. There was classical symphonies (did she recognize Handel's Messiah?), and the latest pop. Everyone was singing and making thier own music, yet at the same time, it all came together. Point and counterpoint, weaving and interweaving into a beautiful tapestry. Reminded Dolly of the tapestry of her life, but this was a different weave.
Everything has a pattern, she realized. She looked around and saw no walls, no ceiling, only an endless sea of people.
Dolly was captivated by a young girl, face turned upward and shining, singing a haunting melody in a clear high voice. She could tell it was a language she never heard before, yet somehow, was able to understand it. The girl was singing about God and His glory and Jesus and His beauty.
Beauty? Dolly always heard that Jesus was not much to look at, the bible said so. Yet, here was this lovely song about His beauty. Ah, the beauty of His love, the work of the cross, redemption.
Yes, beautiful.
Her heart swelled in gladness and she joined in the girl's song. But Dolly's melody parted from the young girl's and took on a life of its own. Rising and falling, sweet and gentle. She looked over at Bill. He seemed to be engrossed in a Gregorian Chant with a marching band kind of flare. His face was shining, too. Was hers? Where was Ranwell and Brason? Oh, there they were! Behind them, belting out their own tunes.
She forgot everything else for the moment and got lost in her song.
Then, from the right, waay off in the distance, she could hear a roar.
A lion?
The ocean?
It was growing louder and louder, coming in waves, getting closer and closer. The people on the far right picked up the roar and echoed it. The people next to them roared and it continued in a long wave until it swelled and filled the ear and drowned out the music.
Excitement buzzed thru them. Someone was coming!

(Your turn! Whirlwind, you have a talent for this! I can tell! Hey! Anybody else want to jump in, feel free!)
Sep 5, 2007
Central Oregon
This is it! she thought and sang out and beamed out from the core of her soul. This is it! The rapture! Countless in celebration, diverse people, millions upon millions of minds of individual thought...all of us knowing that we aren't of our own, but belonging to Him!

"It's not the rapture," Ranwell said over her shoulder, smiling. "You're filling with joy and light. You're becoming what you've meant to become since the first breaths of time. You are, you have always been His. What you feel in your heart? That's just the beginning. The tip of the iceberg. No, an iceberg doesn't even compare. It's only the small speck at the top of eternity."

They danced and praised Him. Dolly shut her eyes and lost herself in the overwhelming joy, spinning in her dance. Shouting with her soul. Crying tears of redemption that weren't coming from her eyes...but from her very spirit.

When Dolly opened her eyes again, she had no idea where Bill was in the crowd of people. Usually, this would worry her. But for now, for some reason, it didn't worry her at all.

Bill was here, somewhere. In the millions. So were people that she knew - people she had smiled at on the streets when she was a young girl. There was Derek, the old butcher that her mother used to tease about the prices of his products when Dolly was only a small girl. There was Viola, who Dolly hadn't seen since...oh, the second grade?

They smiled at her, lost in their own dance. "It's all starting to make sense," Dolly said to a person next to her. He turned around, a cleancut American boy, and replied to her: "One."

What did that mean? She didn't know. But at the same time, thoughts were beginning to enter into her. Thoughts that took no brain to imagine and bring to understanding. One.

"It's too big for us to understand," Dolly told a small girl.

Four people around her replied to her at the same time and in the same tone of voice that it almost sounded like an echo of one voice: "And at the same time, we're beginning."

While Dolly spoke this time, eight other people around her spoke out the same thought: "We're made for His joy."

Sixteen other people responded: "We're made to love Him and to be loved by Him."

Dolly and 150 others spoke out: "The Beginning and the End."

"The Alpha...and the Omega."

The rumbling around them continued...it shook every molecule in the air, trembled every spirit. It shook loose any doubt, and it splashed refreshing water over any weakness. Shells around the last few doubts cracked and fell away.

"No eye has seen," a thousand people spoke at once.

"No ear has heard," two-thousand responded in unison.

"And no mind can conceive," tens of thousands called out together.

Dolly spun and danced and sang out. She felt herself coming apart at the very threads of physical existence. She felt that it was right, that there was nothing to fear here at all. She knew that it was a return to where she belonged, a place that she had forgotten about completely during her time alive.

The universe, it seemed suspended around them and it pounded with rhythm and song. Angels and man danced and praised Him. Every cell of every being in every corner of this place vibrated with His love and grace.

"It's too much!" Dolly screamed out in laughter, her eyes squeezed shut. "It's too much!"

Dolly, who had known nothing but the existence of her own physical body for so long that she had forgotten all else, suddenly felt her human body come apart and separate into a dust; from which exploded the real Dolly. The rough skin and calluses of existence had been pulled back to reveal the child, Dolly, refreshed and new.

Dolly collapsed under her own weight, under the intense beauty of the event, and wept in a joy so complete and perfect that she was sure it would never end.

When she came to, she found herself hunkered over, weeping, panting, refreshed, and new, repeating over and over: "God...God...God."

She opened her eyes and found herself in light. From all sides, there was nothing but light.

Ranwell stepped out of the light and gently grabbed her by the hand. She wanted to ask him where Bill was, she wanted to ask him what had just happened. But immediately, before those thoughts could complete themselves in her mind, the answers came and she knew.

Ranwell nodded his head at her, grinning. "There's Someone that I want you to meet, Dolly," he told her.

(Sorry for being late...I was out in the field yesterday and then had to serve my civic duty this morning...:eek: This is a gift you have, Fluffy! Given to you by God above. A talent. Go with it, use it for His glory. You are so blessed!)
Dec 3, 2007
(Whirlwind, it is YOU that has the gift! I wish I could write like you do. But you know, each to his own gift, huh? We each write in our own style that God has given us. Hey! I like your style!)

Gazing around in wonder, Dolly held tight to Ranwell's hand.
Meet who? She wondered. Could it be....? She didnt dare formulate that thought. No way. Could it be....?
Light was all around, everywhere. Filling everything, every corner of her being.
"You'd better drink some of this." Ranwell handed Dolly a beautiful flask of gleaming silver.
Without questioning, she drank deeply of a clear, cool something. It was more than water. It felt alive, yet refreshing.
"What is this?" She asked after wiping her mouth.
"Dont you know?" Ranwell smiled gently. He took the flask back and continued leading the way.
Energy surged thru her body and she felt light as a feather. Dolly felt like she could run for ages without stopping!
She couldnt see any other people, but it felt crowded. The floor turned from grey stone to a crystal clear tile. It looked like she could see straight thru to miles and miles of crystal. Tripping over her feet, Dolly couldnt help but stare in wonder at the floor.
Thunder pealed. It was answered by another. It rolled and rolled.
There was a doorway ahead.
Suddenly, Dolly was afraid.
"Do you need another drink?" Ranwell asked solicitously.
"No, no. Well, maybe just a sip." She really didnt need it, but it tasted so good! And besides, it was an excuse to pause a moment before going thru the door.
Where was Bill? Was he going thru a door, too?
"What is that?" Dolly asked Ranwell.
"You'll see."
Dolly looked up at him sceptically. Wait a minute. Where were his glasses?
"You've got me this far, I'll trust you farther." The words were out before she could pull them back in. But why not? They were true!
They went in.

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Sep 5, 2007
Central Oregon
(I'm so, so sorry...but God is calling me away from my computer to do some work for the Lord. My nephew, called me last night and is severely depressed and wants to come to know the Lord. I'm so glad about this! I'm spending time with him today to explain to him how much God loves him. It's incredible! How we learn to pass on this wonderful news! How God calls us when He thinks we're ready to share. I love Him! Somebody continue this story, please? I want to read when I get back - probably tomorrow. Thanks so much and God bless! :) )
Dec 3, 2007
Whirlwind! What an awesome opportunity!! May the Good Lord give you just the right words to touch this young man's heart. Lord, open Whirlwind's nephews heart and eyes to the truth of Your word, and Your love for him. Plow up the soil of his heart and prepare it for Your message of hope. I pray for this young man's soul, Oh Lord, that it will be saved from destruction and he learns of the infinite love and care You have for Your children. AMEN!
Whirlwind, when you get back, we expect a full report! AMEN!:groupray:
Dec 3, 2007
(Well, I waited, and it would seem no one else wants to join in. Cant stand it any longer! I"m gonna go for it! Sorry if its out of turn!)

Thru the door, Dolly took a few steps and stopped, awestruck. Light was everywhere, more intense in here. She couldnt see a ceiling or walls, the room was so vast. Or was it a room? She seemed totally disoriented.
Then, out of the light, a figure stepped. It was a man, but she couldnt see his face. He started walking toward her.
Could it be? No. How arrogant for her to think so! But could it?
The figure walked closer and closer with deliberate steps, his face getting a little bit clearer with each step. Power emanated from this man. But she sensed it was power under control. If it was let loose, she knew, somehow, that it would cause her to come apart at the seams. Electricty buzzed up and down and fizzed in spirals all around her.
She felt ridiculous as she couldnt decide whether to get on her knees, fall flat on her face, stand in awe or jump up and down. "It's just like the song 'I Can Only Imagine'!" She thought to herself as she bobbed up and down, first to one knee, then back up in a jump. What should she do?
Just when his face started to make sense...
Dolly jolted upright in her bed. No! No! No! It cant be a dream! It just cant!
Oh why did they put the alarm clock all the way across the room so that they had to get out of bed to turn it off? So they had to get out of bed and not roll back over, is why.
Sigh. She got up and turned it off.
Bill snorted, smacked, and snored.
"Bill!" Dolly shook him fiercely. "Wake up!"
"5 more minutes." Bill mumbled and rolled over. "I'm dreaming of Jesus."
Dolly snatched her hands back. She might have missed her chance, but she wasnt about to ruin Bill's.
She stumbled to the bathroom and turned on the water in the sink.
"That must have been some dream." She told her reflection. Her curlers were all over the place. "I must have tossed and turned all night!"
Dolly started to reach for the water, then sharply pulled back. What was that? Something stuck between her fingers.
She dashed to the room they used as a home office and shoved her glasses onto her face. Thoughts of Ranwell crossed her mind and she threw an apologetic thought his way and looked closer at her hands.
Yes, right there, between her fingers. A few grains of sand, glinting and glimmering in the light from the desk. She remembered the weight and the texture of the sand of her life in her hands.
It wasnt a dream! It really happened! She grabbed a piece of tape and carefully picked up the grains with it. Lovingly, she taped it inside the cover of her bible and dated it.
Dolly ran to the hallway. "Ranwell?" Empty. "Brason?" Still empty.
She went back to the bedroom and shook Bill again. "Sorry to interrupt your interview, but you have 30 minutes to get showered and dressed for work!"
"Ok, ok!" Bill grumbled and kicked off the covers. "Wow! What a dream I had!"
"Bill!" Dolly yelled as she grabbed the tape dispenser. "Check your hands!"
"For what?"
"Let me look!" Dolly snatched his hands and looked at them closely. There! Under the fingernails! She carefully dug out the grains and taped them. "See? It wasnt a dream! It really happened!"
"So why are you saving those grains?"
Bill scratched his head. "If it was for real, we got a lot to talk about."
"And no time!" Dolly shoved him toward the bathroom. "Shower! Shave! Work!"
"Alright, alright! But I've got lots to tell you!" Bill pulled off his pajamas and headed for the shower.
"What do you want for breakfast?" Dolly called after him.
"I'm still hungry for a banana split!" Bill ducked just as a slipper flew past his head. "No, really! I thought about it all night!"
"I'll meet you for lunch and we can talk over dessert, how about that?"
"As long as its a banana split!"
Dolly shook her head and went to make breakfast.

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Aug 12, 2007
Can't sleep... thought I would give it a go.

As Dolly entered the kitchen, an unfamiliar feeling came over her. It started at her head and flowed like warm water down through her body. As if she walked in front of a large heater, but it was all on the inside. She dismissed it and focused on the task at hand. She cracked the eggs into the frying pan, thinking to herself, “when did I learn to crack eggs with one hand”? As the eggs started to sizzle in the pan, her thoughts suddenly drifted back to her childhood. A vision entered her mind of one warm summer day in the park. Thinking, “I must have been about 5 or 6 years old”. She was playing on the swings by herself. “I didn’t have many friends back then” “I was so clumsy… the kids always teasing me”.

Then she saw herself leaving to go home. She knew mother would have dinner on the table soon. She didn’t have far to go. Just across the street and 4 houses down. In her mind, she watched herself walk into the street, like she had so many times before. She didn’t hear or see the car coming. Traveling much faster than what a normal commuter would be driving. And then she turned her head and saw the black sedan barreling down the middle of the street. Paralyzed with fear, she could only stare at what she knew was a car, but with the black paint and tinted windows, it looked different. The headlights were like squinting eyes, and the grill as an evil smile. It almost seemed to be alive.

Just then, out of nowhere, someone grabbed her and pushed her back to the curb. They hit the ground and rolled to a stop. He stood and helped her up. He was slightly taller than her and a year or two older. “Are you ok? That jerk didn‘t even slow down“. Dolly thanked him for saving her, explaining how she didn’t see anything until it was almost too late. “I’ve never seen you around here before, do you live close by”? “I just moved into the area, a couple blocks down the street and was just on my way home“. Asking if she was going to be ok, he said he had to get going. “Yes, I’ll be ok”. He turned to leave and started walking away. Dolly yelled, “Hey… I’m Dolly… what’s your name”? The boy turned with a smile and said, “I’m Ranwell… I’m sure I’ll be seeing you again”. Dolly remembered that she never did see him again, unless… could it be…

Bill walked into the kitchen. “HEY… THE EGGS ARE SMOKING”. Dolly quickly snapped out of it and turned the stove off. “Bill… your aren’t going to believe this”.


Wow you guys are Gooooood!

Who am I,

Ranwell is such a common name, I'm sure it was a different person... lol.

Standing by. Sorry, but I can't write well enough, I'll wreck the story.
Jan 2, 2008
This is fun! Thanks for such a good read. I'm enjoying it very much and very impressed. If I felt I could contribute without spoiling it, I would, but continue on, please.
Dec 3, 2007
(Mark, I didnt know Ranwell was a common name? Where at?
Granny, thank you, and Mark for the compliment! This has been fun! Feel free to join in at any time!)

Dolly turned off the stove and reached for a box of dry cereal. "Your not going to believe what I just remembered!"
"That you saw your guardian angel sometime in the past?" Bill asked as he pulled out a chair and sat down. Sipping on a cup of coffee, he cleared his throat. "I had the same 'rememberies'."
Dolly stood there with her mouth hanging open.
"Hey! Are you ever going to take those curlers out?" Dolly's mouth flapped open several times. She considered several retorts and possible missiles, but declined after a moment.
"Eat your cereal and get to work!" She finallly said. "Your going to be late!"
"I dont like this kind."
Dolly grabbed a couple of poptarts and began pulling him toward the door. "Go! Go! Your boss is going to be angry with you!"
"Wait! Wait!" Bill dug in his heels.
"What now?"
Bill puckered up. "Give me a smooch."
Laughing, Dolly kissed him a good one and sent him on his way.
Men. She thought to herself. Her hand wandered up to her hair. Hard to believe her curlers were still there, even if they were everywhich way!
Got to get dressed myself!

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Sep 5, 2007
Central Oregon
In the bathroom, she was wondering how she was going to fix the mess that had become her hair overnight when she saw something that made her stop.

It was there in the mirror just a split second ago...but now it was gone. It might not have even been there in the first place, and it was probably nothing, but a part of her kept insisting that it had been there and she should be careful.

For a while, as she was undoing the curlers in her hair, she thouht she had seen...

Knock it off, she thought. The dream, breakfast, old memories. You woke up this morning, and this is a day just like any other day that you've ever gotten out of bed.

But the sand...another part of her thought. These are the days of your life, each one of them accounted for, remember?

Pffft! Sand is sand. How many grains of sand are there on the beaches across the world, and you're going to be a little surprised that there's sand on both of your hands this morning?

Something, she thought, dropping her curlers into the sink one by one, something was wrong.

Dolly held out her hand level in front of her and saw that she was trembling, as if in shivers. She clenched her fist to try to stop herself from shaking.

In the mirror, her reflection, her hand didn't clench but continued to shake. And on this side of reality, Dolly held her fist to her chest. On the other side of the mirror, in the reflection, in chaos and terrifying definition, she watched as the "other" Dolly threw her head back into a fit of painful convulsions.

"No," she whispered, staggering back, away from the mirror. In high, sharp clacks, the mirror began to crack in a psychotic spiderweb pattern. The earth trembled.

Dolly felt doom and dread pressing into her from all sides as she sunk to the floor and sheltered her head from the falling debris.

She had no idea what was happening. She could feel something bad rushing towards her now, something the complete opposite of what she'd felt just minutes ago. The reverse. The negative. The depression and the lack of all things good. In the mirror, flames were licking at the glass from the reflection. The smooth surface warbled. And all she could do was whisper: "Please, God! Let me still be dreaming!"

(Feels good to be back! This forum is like air...and I was holding my breath all the time I was gone! :) Your turn! Welcome, Who Am I! You guys are doing great! I can't wait to see where it all winds up...)
Dec 3, 2007
Dolly cowered on the floor as a great wind swept thru the room.
She cried out a one word prayer, "Jesus!"
Flickering shadows flew around the ceiling, being chased by white light. Once in a while, she felt something brush against her, like wings of a bird.
What? Sing when I am scared spitless?
Again, a voice deep inside her.
"Jesus loves me this I know..." Her voice was weak and trembling, but she continued. "Rock of Ages, cleft for me...Onward Christian soldiers...Aaand He walks with me and He talks with me, and He tells me I am His own!"
Dolly's voice strengthened, and she felt a peace settle over her like a warm blanket. She started singing the same song she had shared with that young girl. That wonderful, haunting melody.
stand up
Grabbing the edge of the sink, she shakily pulled herself to her feet. The mirror was gone. In its place was a scene so awful, her mind couldnt understand what she was seeing. She turned away from it and leaned against the counter. Still singing, she planted her feet as a hard gust of wind hit her and wouldnt stop.
Dolly leaned into the wind. Dimly, like hearing it underwater, she could hear sounds like swords clashing, shouts and grunts.
A growling sound at her left ear! Something foul was standing right beside her! Singing louder, a strange thought came to her that emboldened her.
"You shall love the Lord thy God with all your heart, with all your mind, and with all your strength!" She growled back, baring her teeth in a wild grin. The foul thing stopped growling.
"I can do all things thru Him Who strengthens me!"
The foul thing retreated an inch.
"Greater is He Who is in me than he that is in the world!"
The white flashes of light grew bigger and brighter.
She heard a sibilant whisper when the gale abated a bit. "Why arent you afraid of me?"
Dolly spoke to the wind, "Do not be afraid of that which can kill the body, but be afraid of that which can kill not only the body, but the soul, as well. Besides, I refuse to be afraid of a CREATED thing when I am protected and cherished by the CREATOR!!!"
Abruptly, there was nothing. The foul thing was gone. The wind had stopped. Even the mirror was restored.
A single white feather drifted lazy down in front of her. Dolly picked it up, and fingered it wonderingly. Bill is never going to believe THIS!

(your turn!)
Sep 5, 2007
Central Oregon
She won! With the Lord's help, with God in her heart, she won! She could feel the victory in her spirit. She could sense His presence with her.

Still gasping from the shock of it all, Dolly closed her eyes and hugged the feather before something horrible dawned on her.

"Bill!" she screamed. And with a few curlers still in her hair, Dolly bolted for the front door of their home.

* * *

On the freeway, Bill was signaling for his exit and making sure that his briefcase didn't slide off the seat next to him when the pavement fell away revealing fire and brimstone.

His hands tightened around the steering wheel as he felt the tires immediately begin to melt against the molten rock that had become the pavement beneath him. Heat radiated. Flames licked. Bill's car fishtailed on the slime of its own melted tires and came to a clunking rest in what used to be the shoulder of the road.

It's not real, he thought. This is what, he thought in the insanity around him, the earth is going to look like if there's ever an all-out nuclear war. This is how we're all going to be punished.

The morning rush-hour traffic around him faded out with a series of heat waves, seeming to dissolve into non-existence. It's as if the other cars, the other drivers, had never been there at all. In fact, as he watched one of the cars that was just preparing to pass him on the highway continued on its way merrily, vanishing as it climbed an invisible slope in the road.

The blue sky was infected with gigantic plumes of black smoke, jetting upward and out in sinister spires. Heat, in deep waves, flashed like digital cameras being fired all around him.

They say, Bill thought, that in the last minutes of your life, after you sip in your last breath, that your brain is oxygen-deprived. Storms of electrical impulses take place in brain tissue that is confused in its own death. And when we reach out and touch something...are we really touching it? Is it really there? We're trusting those electrical impulses to convey messages from the world around us to us, our being. But if there's a storm of impulses, what is going to do inside of our minds?

Maybe, Bill thought, I'm really dead. I'm not here. I never flew with an angel, I never kissed Dolly goodbye this morning. Those were just storms. I'm really in bed, clinically dead. My brain is attempting to jump start itself by throwing off random electrical impulses. But in my mind...this is what it's producing.

It was like he was in an oven with the heating elements above and below him glowing and glaring an angry red-orange. Instinctively, Bill loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt to try to get some air circulating.

The air inside the car was increasingly hot. And in the rearview mirror, he could see droplets of sweat already forming on his forehead.

"Where am I?" he whispered.

Fire and molten rock and smoke, as far as he could see behind and in front of him. To the left was a wall of crumbling, radiant cinder. To the right, a cliff.

It seems real, he thought. The heat, it's becoming unbarable! The air is too hot to breathe!

He felt the car around him sag as the metal began to relax its shape under the hot. The soles on his shoes began to run like black melting candle wax.

Bill began to scream.

Just then, someone tapped politely on the driver's side window. The rearview mirror shattered in the building heat, and Bill looked out the window to see a stately-looking gentleman, wearing a black business suit, slightly bowed at the hips to peer in at him.

"I'm sorry to bother you, my friend," the man in the black suit said. And oddly, Bill had enough time to realize that this man was beautiful, flawless. "But it looks as if you're in a pinch there."

Bill began to wheeze and clawed at his throat, trying hard to harvest what oxygen he could out of the blasting air around him.

"I can help you," the man said. He frowned then, and tapped on the glass again. Bill wondered how this man could be so relaxed when the world was burning around them. "Are you listening to me? Can you hear me? I said I can help you. Roll down your window, my friend. That looks awfully painful, my goodness. Roll down your window and take my hand, good sir! I'll get you out of this dreadful place at once!"

(Your turn!:) Thanks for making this so much fun!:))
Dec 3, 2007
Maybe this man in the suit is reality. The only part of reality that I am percieving. Maybe he is a lifeline to sanity.
Still, something nagged at Bill at the back of his mind. Like a mouse chewing inside the wall, scritch scritch scritch
He hesitated. What was it? He couldnt think in all this heat!
"Sir?" The strange man tapped, more insistently now. "You really must get out of the vehicle."
Bill's skin began to crisp and yet still he hesitated.
"Oh, Jesus, help me, please!" Bill whispered because his throat was arid. No moisture in the air at all. His tongue felt like a thick piece of wood, but he managed to rasp it out.
The man's face changed. It was no longer genteel concern, but hatred and anger. "Get out of that car!" He screamed.
Bill stared in wonder as the man's face transformed from a gentleman to a snarling madman.
The car was melting around him, yet the madman couldnt reach him. Bill felt like if he did, he was doomed.
"Get out of that car!" The searing pain was almost forgotten in his fascination with the change in the man. He still wore the same suit, and seemed unaffected by the heat, but he no longer resembled a concerned citizen.
Suddenly, without even thinking about it, Bill started to sing his Gregorian chant. His tongue thick and wooly, throat screaming in pain,he sang of the Son of God and the blood that was shed. He rejoiced in the saving power of God's grace and the mercy that was shown to man.
The madman screamed a gutteral scream and vanished. Along with the heat, the fire, and smoke.
Cool air rushed in thru restored air conditioner vents. The streets as they were, green and bustling.
Bill gulped in the cool air and checked himself over. No burns, no blisters. Not even the smell of smoke.
Water. He needed a drink of water, badly!

But he was so badly shaken, all he could do was sit there, shaking.
What just happened?
Dolly! He had to get back to Dolly!

(your turn! Whee!)
Dec 3, 2007
(Yeah! Anyone? Surely it wont just be us!)
(If no one else has anything, I've got an idea for the next installment. But if someone else has something, I would rather they do it.:D Keeps it interesting! You never know what is going to happen next! ha!)
Dec 3, 2007
(Well, alrighty, then!)

Bill turned around as quickly as he could and sped back home. He almost missed Dolly passing him on the road. Stopping quickly, he got out as she whipped a u-turn in the middle of the street.
They gave each other a quick hug of relief. Cars sped by, barely missing hitting them, horns blaring, voices yelling.
"Lets go home!" Bill shouted over the noise of the traffic. "We're in danger, here!"
Dolly ran back to her car and followed him home.
Once there, she sat heavily on the couch. Looking around, she appreciated anew the quiet comfort the room brought. Bright sunshine poured in thru the curtains, splashing on the blue rug. The cat was curled up in the square of light, belly up, paws over his face. Well, HE feels safe, for the moment!
Bill brought her a glass of ice water. He had already finished one, and was working on another.
Taking turns, they haltingly told each other what had happened.
Bill finished off his water and chewed on the ice. He was going to have ice all the time, now.
"Why,Bill?" Dolly asked at last. "Why is this happening to us?"
"Dont know for sure."
"You said you talked to Jesus?" Dolly swallowed back her jealousy and chose to be glad for him. "What did He say?"
"I dont remember." Bill shrugged ruefully. "I'm sure I'll remember when its time to. Until then, I think we can assume that our visit to heaven was to prepare us for this. There is something bigger about to happen. Maybe these were tests to see how we would handle it."
"You think God was testing us?"
"Maybe." Bill rattled the ice in his glass. "Maybe the enemy is testing us to see how much of a threat we are to him!"
Dolly was quiet for a moment, digesting all this. "What do you think is going to happen?"
"Dont know. But I"d better call in to work and tell them I wont be coming in!" Bill hoisted himself up and returned to the kitchen.
Dolly could hear the water running again. Peace settled over the room as she rested her head back. She was glad Bill was going to stay home with her.

The cat leaped up, hissing, back arched. He was spitting at something only he could see.
"Bill!" Dolly cried out. "You'd better get in here! Bill!"
Bill didnt answer, and she was afraid to get off the couch. Where was he?

(your turn!)
Sep 5, 2007
Central Oregon
(I'm sorry Fluffy!:( I've been on the road a lot in the past few days as a part of my job. I'm currently in a motel in Vancouver, WA. I promise I'll scribble up some more on this when I get back, okay? It sounds grrrrreat!:))
Sep 5, 2007
Central Oregon
The cat hissed again, its fur flared, and it turned and bolted down the hallway.

Dolly rose slowly from the couch, watching after the cat, and called out over her shoulder again, "Bill?"

Nothing. Running water in the kitchen sink. The clock on the wall seemed to have turned up its own volume, each tick seeming louder than each tock.

Dolly frowned, cocked her head, and listened to the clock. Tick-tock! Tick-tock! The sound seemed so loud that it almost drowned out the swish of running water from the kitchen faucet.

Something. She couldn't quite put her finger on it, whatever it was. She backed away from the wall, away from the hallway, walking in reverse towards the kitchen where'd she'd probably find Bill quietly sipping down a glass of water one polite swig after another, holding up his finger to let her know that he'd be done momentarily, don't go anywhere.

She rounded the corner in reverse, and saw that the kitchen was empty. The cupboard doors stood open. The tap was on, pouring water into an empty sink. The fluorescent lights cast an artificial light on the green-yellow kitchen tiles, making them seem more yellow than green now.

"Bill, you answer me right now!" Dolly called out. In two or three steps, she was at the sink, and she turned the water off. In the place of the sound of rushing water, there was only the clock and the dry hum of the refrigerator. "Bill, darn it!"

Panicking never got anybody nowhere, she remembered her mom saying. That was one of her mommyisms, one that Dolly only remembered when it seemed to apply. If someone ever asked her for a list of her mother's mommyisms, Dolly would have been able to give them a long list of them, only to leave this one out to be remembered later on. Keep your head screwed on right, there was another one. Don't fly off the handle. "Bill!" Dolly shrieked, alarmed at the urgency in her own voice.

Nothing. But where was Bill's pile of clothes, if what she suspected had happened really happened. Wasn't he supposed to leave his shoes? His tie? Wasn't there supposed to be a mound of frumpled clothing on the floor? The smash of the water glass on the linoleum when he vanished in the blink of an eye?

And then it dawned on her. The thing that she couldn't quite put her finger on while listening to the clock tick a few seconds ago, she knew what was strange about it then. The clock, the sound of the clock was still there. So was the fridge. The sound of water running in the sink. But Bill's breathing, his footsteps, that sound was gone.

So was the sound of cars occasionally passing on the street outside. The sound of airplanes taking off and landing at the airport in the distance. The sound of children screaming, lawnmowers, cell phones ringing, horns honking, ambulances out in the city, bike bells. These were all sounds that filled in the gaps, filler-sounds. The mind, she thought, doesn't even realize that these noises are there...until they're gone.

"Bill!" Dolly called out, her voice wavering on the edge of tears as she began to make her way towards the front door. Down the hallway, probably from underneathe the bed, Kitty answered in reply - a pathetic sound that reminded Dolly of the tone in her own voice right now. "Bill?"

Dolly opened the front door of their home and saw nothing. Cars stopped in the street. Lawnmowers stalled on half-mowed strips of grass. Bikes lying dead on their metal ribs on the sidewalks. Further down the street, there was an empty baby stroller with a bottle dribbling onto the seat. In the sky, there was a great contrail streaked in a straight line across the blue - a line that suddenly took a mad, jagged dip. Dolly watched as the jet fell, and when it finally dropped behind the skyline, she felt herself walk out onto the grass.

"What about me?" she called out in a desperate whisper. "God, what about me!?"

There was no answer. The earth had gone silent, asleep. The air seemed still, packed onto her too tightly.

"You forgot me!" Dolly screamed at the sky, sobbing. She sank onto the grass, falling hard onto her knees. "You forgot me!"

(your turn - sorry it took so long to get back...working on a big project at work and I was force to travel; something I dislike because I miss home so much. But hoo-hey! Here it is! :))
Dec 3, 2007
(Wow! That was GOOD!! I'm gonna have to take some time to think on this one! Whew! Anybody else care to jump in, go right ahead! I"m gonna be going thru some ideas.)(P.S. I"m glad your back, Whirlwind! I was missing this, but didnt want to jump in out of turn, too much!)