Lifting up your Cross

I started using a cross a few years ago. I formed it out of will and it works. I try to lift it up everyday and use it. I can see it and I'm sure it has many special properties. I've used it to rebuke people, and it has worked. I use it to magnetically repel people and usually after doing that, to my surprise at first they moved or left where they were standing. This has had an almost 100% success rate.

After years of using it this way I have learned different properties of the cross and how it works on reality. It seems to me that it really is a unique shape. Sometimes I hold it in my heart and also pull it down below my body into the ground, thinking about when Christ said to hold your horn low. I also use the inverted cross sometimes and like the feeling of it.
Bless you Cosmicwaffle. Christ said to take up your cross daily.
Yeah but your post is kinda confusing. You "formed" a cross? You "use" it to manipulate people?

And you said you like to use the inverted cross as well.

Not any teaching I've heard before. Care for an explanation?
Well, Laeomis, if you want us to help you and show you our opinions then you are going to have to be more clear. I don't understand what you mean. I get that you are taking up your cross, and that's great. But it makes no sense in saying that you are using it to rebuke people and "magnetically repel people". Please explain.


You are dealing with occult type manifestations. Jesus didn't use the cross to rebuke people or attack them.