Lining our Words up with THEE WORD

Here is what i mean about getting our words to line up with the Word of God. We are trusting in Him for peace or direction, or a job or wisdom. But every time that we speak what we see in our'm broke or i can't find a job...etc, we're speaking doubt into what we believe that God has for us, or what we are asking for. So in a sense you are keeping yourself in a prison of doubt.

It's like when a plant first starts to grow, and all we can see is this little tiny green shoot coming up from the ground, and the doubt is the clippers that are snipping off the top....thus stunting it's growth. When we speak words of doubt or even entertain those kills our faith.
So something that we need to do is to get with God and ask for a specific scripture to stand on....then figure out if we trust what He told us, and what the Word says. If so it's time to settle it within ourselves and never speak or allow ourself to think differently (this applies to all situations, that's why the devil tries to steal it, because once we grab ahold of the principle....he has had it).

Oh and you can believe that once you settle things the devil will be right there trying to get you to grab ahold of doubt, and get you to speak opposite of what God and you have settled. At that point you have to dig your heels in and not allow yourself to budge no matter what it "feels like" or "looks like". And only speak what you know in your heart to be true. Romans 10:17 says that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. And every person essentially has 2 sets of inner ear (which is your spirit) and the two outer ears that you can see. Faith or doubt (whatever is in abundance in our hearts) is spoken out our mouths, and then both sets of ears hears what is said. This is how thoughts are taken (as in Matthew 6:31...says take no thought, saying), so when you take a thought you are causing it to take root in your heart by speaking it. And if it is opposite of what God has told you, then it takes some time for Him to help get you back on the right track. Proverbs 4:20-27 is a good passage that describes this and what i have explained above is the result.

Now....its time to put your total focus on God. Spending as much time in the Word and listening to sermons or praise music or just building your relationship with God. Matthew 6:33 says to seek first the kingdom of God....and.....all these things will be added to you. That means as you seek first Him and His Word and His ways of doing and being right.....then the desires that He has placed in your heart will be added unto you. Also found in ps 37:4 which is delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

You have to get to the point that you are settled and at peace in your life, and what God has for you. Read Jeremiah 29:11-13. This is God's plan for all of us.

Blessings to you!