Linux - Opensource

Linux - Opensource

We will be upgrading to a new computer one of these days and the plan is to install Linux as a operating system and use opensource products like open office etc. What do you guys think of it and what would you recommend. I see there is quite a variety of Linux packages available. Ubuntu being one of the favorites, well at least here in South Africa as it was designed by a South African. Any other recommendations?

You can't hardly go wrong with Ubuntu. It's my personal favorite. Also is a great office package, every bit as capable as MS Office. I also use GIMP for my photo and graphics needs. Enjoy the adventure.
I have used Ubuntu and I have tried other versions of Linux also.

My Current system is a Ubuntu system and it works fine. I use open office to write word documents and impress to make powerpoint documents. open office is great.

you may want to try a live cd which you can boot off a cd rom drive.
you can get that here.
Is also a great site to see all the distros.
Ubuntu, is a solid Linux Distro. Some people, prefer the KDE desktop to the gnome however, if so Kubuntu is a good choice as well. Other varieties that are easy to use and learn and are worth looking into include LinuxMint and Puppy Linux. The nice thing about linux, is that you can try different varieties to your hearts content until you find one you like seeing as they are 100% free. My two favorite varieties to use as a primary OS are OpenSuSe and Mandriva, though I would recomend neither for a first time user.
Try em out on a USB...

Zorin has a feel similar to windows if you are transitioning to Linux and it is built on Ubuntu

I recently started tinkering with Fedora 17KDE-the jury's still out on it, but i kinda like it.
I havent run linux in quite awhile, but when I did, I used openoffice, wine, did a lot of experimenting trying to get directX games to work on it (with varying levels of success, and a better way of saying that was varying levels of failure) which is why I use windows now, it was to difficult getting my 3d games to run on Linux. Beyond gaming, most of my computer stuff is generic surfing the web, forum debates, chat, facebook, etc.
Have you tried "Play on Linux" for gaming?

There's about a gabilliomionsquatrillion different types of software for Linux for all purposes, I am still a noob at Linux, and as many types and kinds of software there are, there are also same amount of opinions. I think it is good to get 'intimate' with an OS type and experiment with Open Source to see what works for you-tank what doesn't...
I dont think so, but ive tried various other methods. My best results came from using wine, but even that was more of a hastle. Dont get me wrong, I still use linux-dual booting does miracles. :D
looks like its winebased, but might be worth a try. The issue I had was getting linux to run DirectX, which even wine had issues with.
Ubuntu gets a lot of votes but it's not for me.

Much comes down to personal preferences and likes and dislikes of certain desktops (and OK there is for example a Kbuntu using kde but last time I didn't feel it a good kde distro).

The distribution that suits me the best is OpenSuse with the KDE desktop.
I finally gave up on windows, and am now using OpenSuSe 12.2. It came with some virtualization tools, and I might try running 7 in a virtual box and see how my games run that way, or simply dual booting, and only using windows when I want to game.
Virtual Box is awesome: I run a raw version of XP just to use my 'ancient' Bible program. Works better in VB than on the original install.
Yup. Coupla things about Linux Mint. If you run a wireless network normally, but need to connect via Ethernet..if you can't switch the wireless card off as you can with most laptops, then it will be put to sleep and will not auto reset.
I just set my sisters Laptop up with a 38 character root password. works ok until you try to use the software times out before you can enter all the characters:( problem with package manager though. I had to change the password to a meager 18 character code. I like hard to hack codes:) If you knew my sister's innate ability to destroy operating software either by importing malware or sundry other acts of sabotage, you would understand why I want to protect it from attack.
What other software you all run on linux?
lets start a list.

There are so many. Apps I really like include Gimp, Digicam. Audacity, K3b CD/DVD writer as well as maybe things like Thunderbird for email, etc. Also I'm getting to like Caligra Office but there is Open Office if you prefer and it is good.

There are so many other things too. You want to try your hand at a web server and php, probably most Linux distros will set it up easily for you. You want to share tv recordings, there is Myth Tv. Then there are some things that probably live in the back end that we don't normally think about. Cups that handles the printing is a recent one I played with (see

For what light is on and off at our house. Try I've got a bug in this one but when working you should see things highlight when there status changes. There is so much you can try to do with Linux.
(Better clarify a couple of things here. Cups is commonly found on Linux systems and I think may also be on OS/X. I don't think that part would work on Windows

The Android ADT is available as an Eclispe package, that should work on Windows too.

The example home status was written in Java although I also use python for one part. Again, you should be able to get these for any platform.

Now I think further for some of this, Linux was just the familiar platform for me to use)