Living Healthy

Sep 5, 2007
Central Oregon
Living Healthy this elderly couple are killed in a horrible wreck, but are instantly transported to Heaven.

An angel is showing them around their new place. "This is your swimming pool," he tells them. "Right across the sprawling Japanese garden you'll find the tennis court. Don't worry about not being able to play because you're elderly...your bodies are renewed every second here. Around the side of the house is you ocean view...and you'll find your kitchen constantly stocked with nothing but your most favorite foods."

"Gee, Edna!" the man grumbled.:confused:

"What did I do!" she demanded.:mad:

"Well...we coulda been here sooner if you hadn't forced me to eat all that whole wheat and vegetables and fiber and take my vitamins!":(



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Apr 22, 2008
XLT!! Whirlwind. yeah I make vitamins and medical food for a living so I know bout livin healthy. OOOOO maybe I should start poundin the bacon n sausage:D:eek: