Living In The Spirit In A Physical World

John4:24 -God is Spirit:and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.
I have seen Christians,put up some shows, some funny demonstrations that I can't really explain and they claimed,they were in the spirit.Is being in spirit,acting funny?What actually did Christ mean by,''Worship in spirit''?
Man existence as spirit,soul and flesh,is unique,in that,no other creature exist with these combinations.Even the creator,God,is Spirit,though,manifested in flesh(1Tim.3:16);the angels are spirit,likewise,the demons-Eph. 6:12 .
Then,what could God be up to,with this unique creature,called 'Man'?I believe,there are messages,God is communicating to man,in man;to mention a few,
(1) that we are wonderfully and fearfully made.
(2) that we can exist as spirit,even in the physical body.In other words,while every physical parts of you still exist and still carries out the normal,physical processes,you could be operating,already,in the spiritual.We didn't stop eating,bathing,visiting the rest-room and performing other functions of the visible man,which the spirit doesn't do, after we recieved the Holy Spirit.Rather,in all these things,we continued to manifest,the presence of the Spirit of God upon us,through His gifts,we've recieved.What I concluded,is, as long as we remained,in this physical world, we'll live in the Spirit,in our physical bodies,as believers.So,to worship God,in spirit,doesn't require,the disappearance of the visible man or certain demonstration and acting,but exceeding, surpassing,the border of the flesh,in our services,to Him.Giving the best of the physical,in good works,in Christ,is spiritual. The physical won't let go of the best,to be left with little or nothing;it's egocentric,its demands,are high,yet it profits little(1Peter1:24).Therefore,it's spiritual,to successfully break-off,from the incessant demands of the flesh,to offer up your best concentration in time of distraction,your best worship in time of lack and your best service,in time of excess,to God.
Praying, fasting, and reading our Bibles are three great ways to maintain our spirituality in the midst of an increasingly unspiritual world. We all need to keep aiming for spiritual perfection. The trick, IMO, just lies in not pretending we have arrived there; we just need to keep striving for improvement.