Looking for Home

Looking for Home

Well...hmm... It's been a few days since I actually joined this site.

My name is Meg, and I am 22 years old. My husband, David (28), and I have been married for a little over a year now. David is active duty air force currently stationed at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX. We just moved here this past June, and have yet to find a church...although we are planning on trying one that looks promising out this coming Sunday.

About me...meh... I was born in South Florida, and we didn't really go to church there. My parents owned a house in Alabama though near my grandparents and uncle and aunt. We used to go to Aunt Linda's church (a Baptist church) whenever we were in Alabama for a visit. When I was 9 we moved to Alabama full time and became members of this church. It really became a home to me, and I was saved when I was 10 years old thanks to this church. This church, as is often the way a church is born sadly, came about when the members of another church had a disagreement and separated. My mother and I attended this church every Sunday from the time I was 9 until I was a senior in high school. The people at this church were, and some still are, some of my closest family. Then things changed. I'm not sure what really happened, as I never learned all of the details. The best I can figure is things came to be more about money for some people than about God. That's a quick way to tear a church apart. The members again split. Some staying with the church, some going to other churches, some just going out on their own. My mother and I ended up out on our own. I was 17 then. Since then my church attendance has been sporadic. In that time I’ve felt myself being pulled away from God. It’s been painful, but until now I haven’t really taken any initiative to do anything about it. In that time I met and married my husband.

A little about David. David, like me, was raised in a small town. He is a Christian, and was raised in a Methodist church that was as much a home to him as my church was to me. When he was in high school his parents divorced and his dad remarried. David is a very active person. He always has to be busy, or else he gets kind of cranky. Hehe… I got very lucky with David, and I’m positive that he is the man God chose for me. David’s church attendance has been very sporadic since he graduated from college (maybe during college?) and joined the Air Force. There was a church he had attended in South Carolina (where he was stationed when we were married…where we moved from when we came here), but was too busy with his full time AF job and a part time paramedic job to go full time (add karate classes and a new wife on top of that and you get one very busy man!). I can say that the karate academy he attended in SC was very much like a church family. The owners/teachers and most of the students were Christians, and the dojo was run in a very Christian way.

So here we are today. David talks about trying to find a church every now and then, but often is still too busy to go about looking for one. He’s more busy than every with his Air Force job, and we’re training his German Shepherd pup (Millie…a little over a year old) to be a Search & Rescue dog. He’s also trying to find a part time paramedic job here. I’ve been busy with school, S&R training, and my horse (which I’ve had since I was 10 and has traveled with me from AL to SC to here), but lately I’ve felt the weight of not having a church family to share things with more than ever. This past weekend we went home to Alabama for my Aunt Linda’s funeral. Her death was quite sudden as she was only 54 years old. Aunt Linda was always busy in the church. She was the person that helped plan everything from homecoming to revival to weddings. She and my mother had put more work into planning my own wedding than anyone else. It made the usually stressful time of getting married a breeze having someone like Aunt Linda to plan it. I was able to give her the reins completely, knowing it would be just as beautiful as it turned out. She was an amazing woman. A wife, aunt, mother, sister, grandmother. She did it all. She was the church cleaning crew. Going home and seeing my old church family…seeing it all come together again the way it had been before the church split my senior year…that was something no one else’s funeral would have done except for Aunt Linda’s. Seeing that church family again made me realize even more how much I need it.

So…now that I’ve written a book... That’s pretty much it. I’m looking for my new church family. The main reason I’ve come looking online is because while I may find a church family here in San Antonio, we’ll move again. I’m not just looking for a family here, but also one that I can be in contact with…a steady rock that will not move from where I’m used to it being.

Hehe…I’m tearing up. I hope this place really is as good as it looks. :)
The main reason I’ve come looking online is because while I may find a church family here in San Antonio, we’ll move again. I’m not just looking for a family here, but also one that I can be in contact with…a steady rock that will not move from where I’m used to it being.

Hey Meg,

Why don't you take a look at some of the clubs. You just might find one that you want to join and get good teaching and growth in the Lord. The link is below

God bless

Oh I'm so happy you found our forum Or-kid. First, please thank your hubby for his service to our country for me. May God bless you both and keep him save in his service.

I know exactly how you feel Or-kid. My hubby and I had to move and I have not found the church for us yet. I will though. In the meantime, this forum has been like a church for me. It's filled with so many wonderful Christians who genuinely care about one another like family. We are family, as we are all Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Thank you for sharing your testimony with us. I teared up right along with you.

We have a forum here called "Women Who Care". After you have made 100 posts, please come join us. We'd love to have you.

If you ever just need someone to talk to, please do not hesitate to pm me (you will have pm privileges after 5 posts, if you don't already).

Also, I see where you grow orchids. I'm so hoping you will share information with us about this, as I have always wanted to learn to grow them... I just love them!

Blessings to you Sister, Cheri

Thank you Godbe4me. Thank you Cheri. :) I'm glad I found this forum also. I'm new to growing orchids, so I don't know too much, but ask if you have any questions. You never know if the one question you have might be the only one I could answer!
:welcome: to our great online community. Lots of great people to talk to.

Hope you enjoy your stay...


Glad the Lord lead you to this forum....

I enjoyed your testimony....

I encourage you to find a good Bible believing church A.S.P...

I'm fairly new to this forum, too, sooo I'm looking forward to becoming part of your online family of God....

I, also, live 70 miles North of Houston, Tx.,and have been to San Antonio many times.

Not as much anymore since the influx of newcomers....

See you on the site, Sis...
Hi Or-kid. It sounds like we are similar in our reasons for being here. Thank you to your husband for his military service.
I too am looking for a church home, but don't know exactly what I'm looking for. I hope you are able to find your home church soon. I also hope to see you around the forums. I'm not quiet as young as you, I'm 28, but we might have some other things in common. Take care and God bless.
This is a BIG


from me to Meg!

You can be part of a FAMILY here, and you can read and truly learn and grow in Christ, which I earnestly hope you want to do.

CFS is the best Forum I've ever seen.

Love and blessings!

- BM