Looking For New Church - Hawaii

Dec 10, 2013
Converse, Texas
Hi Ya'all. I'm a Staff Sergeant in the US Air Force and I'm getting moved to Hawaii next week. I currently go to an Assembly of God church though I'm not pentecostal. I define myself simply as protestant/non-denominational.

My beliefs do not align strictly with the Bible. For example, I believe that Cor 13:13 describes exactly the way we must treat the LGBT community. I believe that Genesis is a symbolic description of the creation of the earth and not literal. I have a few other things that differ from the literal teachings in the bible.

With that in mind, I'm looking for a Church that is going to respect by beliefs but also help me continue to grow as a Christian and continue to get closer to God. I'll be stationed at Hickam AFB in Hawaii on the island of Oahu near Honolulu. Anyone in that area have a good recommendation?