Looking For Similar Christians Site

I have been looking for a good Christians this site and I found this one Denver community church which is some similar as i want. I am not sure about the quality or the origin of their offering. Has anyone have looked into this before? If you have any other options you know are worth the time to check out, please post them here. Thanks!
Hey prince john,

Prince gene here, ...personally I would stay away from it for the most blantant reasons listed below.

1. The only person we find in the the Church with a title is the LORD Jesus Christ, KING of Kings, ...titles smack of Nicolatianism which Jesus says he hates. Re 2:6

2. Dr Foreman is a bishop, that is a pastor's pastor, this us usurping the authority of Jesus, Jesus give the gift of pastoring to men, pastors talk with pastors, but teaching and correction comes from the Lord.

3. They call themselves charismatics, but from what they have printed they are charismanics, ...the Church of Jesus Christ conducts itself in order, 1 Cor 14:40, ...following these simple guidelines, (a) did Jesus do it while He was on this earth, (b) do we find it recorded in the book of Acts that the first century church practiced it, (c) do we find teaching on the practice in the Epistles, if not then it's of the flesh and not of the Holy Spirit and Jesus taught the Father is looking for true worshipers to worship Him in spirit and truth. Jn 4:23

May I suggest you ask Father to lead you to the church He has for you, one that needs your particular gift and you can benefit from the koinonia of the brothers and sisters in Christ.

I hope this helps,