Lord, Today I am thankful for.....


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Good afternoon Father,

Just checking in to say "THANK YOU." Thank You for waking me up this morning. Thank You for my job. Thank You for my family and friends. I thank You for all my brothers and sisters in Christ who are spreaded across a all corners of this earth. I thank You for my CFS family. I am thanking You for bringing me through all my trials and tribulations. Some were so bad that I did not know if You were there. But I realized that You allowed those times because You was showing me things, changing me, building my character. So, I thank You for the trials because that is how our faith grows. I thank You because now I know who to come to when the storms of life comes my way. And even when the wind blows so hard that it could knock me down, You say, "No" this is my child and You have no rights over her. She is covered by my blood. Yes, Lord, thank You.

I thank You for this day as this is the day that lost souls will come into the knowledge of You and say Yes to the free gift of Eternal Life. I thank You for them and thank You for sending people there way to help them during their infancy times. I thank You because You see what we can't see. You know best and even when times comes that I don't quite understand what You are doing in my life, You have bought me through enough that I don't question, I only trust.

I love you and thank You for being with me all the days of my life.

What are you thankful for this day?