Love and Forgiveness

Hmm thats when you need to humble yourself and ask God while you read it, pray while reading. Idk I would be lost without mine!

Good thing now, you can check and look up verses through keyword searching.
Bible does need to be in the language you speak whether it is hebrew, greek, english, chinese, maori, spanish whatever. Of course you not expected to understand and decipher the bible if you cant even read it! Or hear it and understand!
Thats why the translators did this, cos hardly anybody spoke latin or read it as was dead language. Thats how bible came to be first translated into english amd german. For people werent speaking greek either.
If you greek, of course you wont need a translation, as the nT is already in that language.
Just as a side.
Did you know it is again Islam for the Quran to be translated into other languages - it must remain in Arab only. How much does that not differ from Christianity - we are trying to reach all languages - just something relating to love.
Also, in Mecca, there in their cube thingy where they keep the black crystal meteorite thingy. Did you know that should anyone walk around the crystal meteorite thingy seven time their sins are forgiven.
What love or condition is displayed in that by the forgiver - nada.