Love and Wisdom

Love and Wisdom

Love and Wisdom
Love, so precious and clean.
Sweet as fruit,
But bitter as lemons.

Love can hurt,
Love can bring joy.

Why such a combination?

Love is not easy to come by,
So many miss the chance,
their flowers crushed under the
Feet of Pain.

But when it comes,
It is never let go.
Never be afraid of Love,
It is a special thing.

It is as warm as the sun,
As soft as a gentle breeze,
As silkly as a river,
As beautiful as a precious diamond.

Love shall be cherished,
It is never lost.
Be patient, my dear friend.
Trials and tribulations,
will strengthen your foothold!

You must be wise,
But not arrogant.
You must be powerful,
But not evil.
You must know your enemies,
But never strike at the wrong heel.

When you love,
Do not cast it out to the unworthy
Who will snatch it away like a thief.
Be wise with your love,
Give it to the needy.

Knowledge is lovely,
But wisdom is beautiful.
Wisdom is rare,
like a coloured diamond.

It takes much labor and suffering
To become wise.
Wisdom cannot be bought,
Wisdom can not be bargained.

Wisdom comes from Love,
and Love from Wisdom.
Be wise with your love,
And love the wise,
Because it is rare and hard to find,
But once found,
Never let it go.

This poem was written by me.
I hope you enjoyed it.


Love is stronger than death.
There is no force greater than love.