Magic Eye - 3D

Magic Eye - 3D

I was surprised to learn how many can't see the 3-D image on these pictures. If you cant see it - put your face close to the screen and slowly back away. It works if you do not let your eyes converge on a single image. Your eyes should be looking at two ajacent images.

Can tou see the 3-D image?

Hey! My gramma has a pillow just like that!

...Gramma? Gramma!


My best friend could never see these and always wondered what the hub-bub was...then one time, I told him to hold his hand up to his face like he was one of the 3 Stooges protecting himself against fingers-in-the-eyes. Hold your flat hand (fingers together) against the bridge of your nose. Get close to the picture. My friend was like..."Wow!"
See? I can see these images just fine, most of the other ones, too...

but for some reason Bo's stinky feet image and some of Dusty's images are just red X's.

I right-clicked and went to properties, says the link is unavailable so I posted the link in my browser address bar and followed it to a dead page. :(

Oh well...

...whatever is wrong with my puter today, it'll heal itself like it always does, hee hee.:p
I could never see these blasted things! Until I crossed my eyes like someone said. Then, I saw it! So weird! When you move your head, you feel weird, like you're high or something. I'm glad my eyes uncrossed! :p