The waiting reveals the most concerning the strength of faith. Impatience evinces a low level of understanding faith, and patience, a high level. The more truth accepted without physical proof, the greater is the faith, for faith, being the “substance” and “evidence” of things not physically verifiable (Heb 11:1) is greatest when active in the absence of physical proof. The greater the absence of physical proof, the greater potential for the activity of faith; hence conversely, the greater the physical proof, the lessor the potential for greater faith.

Such is the cause of the gradual removal of physical proof, that faith may be at its greatest, for in this life only will faith be necessary as we “walk by faith, not by sight” (2Co 5:7), unlike eternity (1 Jhn 3:2; Rev 21:24).

I believe the best example of faith at its pinnacle is displayed in Romans 8:28, in believing that there is nothing than can alter the truth that God uses all that transpires “for good to them that love God.” This is said to include “all things,” which means whatsoever is in the existence of this life.

I’m reminded of the classic cartoon, “Mr. Magoo” who, though old and nearsighted (Myopia), always ended up where he should be. This parallels Romans 8:28, in that the believer will always be in the care of God (1 Pet 5:7) by “ordering” his “steps,” which is “directing” his “paths” (Psa 37:23; Pro 3:6). “Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the LORD upholds him with His hand” (Psa 37:24).

Waiting is easier, faith is greater, and patience reveals most (Luke 21:19) that you are undoubtedly convinced everything that you or anyone will do cannot alter God’s promise of His care for you, exemplified by the “ten virgins” (Mat 25:1-13) and the “faithful and wise servant” (Mat 24:45-51).

Surly there can be no greater comfort (short of Christ coming for His Church) than being assured, that regardless of our (believers) understanding concerning anything, we are Magoo-proofed.