Major Internet Attack is currently underway.

Major Internet Attack is currently underway.

Just passing along info that I do see from my desk at work, a major attack is going on right now on the internet.

Be very careful about opening unfamilar emails, especailly from supposed financial institutions. The clickable links in the emails are leading to "phishing sites" replicas of what may be even your financial institutions main page, and trying to get you to put in your account information.

I've even seen virusus as well in these emails.

Make sure your operating system as well as your browsers are patched and up to date, consider adding anti-phishing plugins to your browser. (a great one for Firefox is Netcraft, works wonderfully) Plus anti virus and spyware as well.

Another great plug in for Firefox is Shazou, which geographically will show the locations of the hosting server and the domain owner.

Here's Christian Forum's site:

IP Address:
Organization: Virtuoso Net Solutions
Country: United States
City, State: Bay Shore, NY

Organization Name: LogicWeb Inc.
Address: 30 Jericho Turnpike
City, State: Commack, NY
Postal Code: 11725
Country: US

If your going to a US website and by using Shazou shows information that the site is originating in say out.....