Making a photo book

Hi peeps
I wonder if any of you have made a book of photos that you had online and got it published, if so, what app or tech did you use to create it?
I'm thinking of creating one with Snapfish but there might be others around that are just as good. I have not made one before.
It seems you upload your photos and then send it off to be printed and bound and covered and then you have a lovely photo album with all your memories (now that nobody no longer does film or sends pictures off to be developed) that, if your computer goes bust, at least you still have a book of photos!

Remember negatives! haha I am so old.
OK I will just put on backburner, I think I need to make one before the memory on the ipad goes and I lose all my pics. I still couldn't figure out how to save it to the cloud.
I still couldn't figure out how to save it to the cloud.
It’s pretty straightforward if you already have an Apple ID.

I think you get 50Gb for free with your apple account, and more storage is available by paid subscription if you have a lot of data to backup.

There is some slight variation between devices, but in general, this setup works for all apple mobile devices. See below:
  1. Go to Settings > [your name].
  2. Tap iCloud.
  3. Tap Photos, then tap the switch next to Sync this [device].
  4. Your device will do the rest and automatically sync any new photos you add or subtract from your device(s).
ok will try it later please let it work.
I can never remember my password it's so old. It constantly asking for it and I am sure have written it somewhere but the email I had at the time I don't even use anymore.
Hey Lanolin;

I remember personal photo books (with negatives). These seemed so much more personal but I wonder if anyone ever published theirs.

I'm a bit slow here, but after reading your thread, do you want to have a photo book online, and a hard book as a backup in case your pc goes bust?

Isn't snapfish the same as shutterfly? I've heard the names and know it's based in San Francisco but never paid much attention to them. I've been too busy organizing my thousands of photos in 3 bankers file boxes. lol!

I hope your project takes off and can't wait to see it when it's done.