Making "pins"

Making “pins” (also called “word pictures”) can be fun and creative; and it’s easy to learn to do. You can share words of wisdom; help with spiritual growth, gardening tips, recipes, etc. There is a site named “PicMonkey” that is free and easy to use. You can upload a picture; or start with a “blank”(choose a larger vs. a smaller canvas) and choose a background color, font styles, effects, frames etc. – all this and much more allows you to be creative. Then, you can save it in a file and share them with family, friends, and on social networking. We all have good things to say and this is an excellent, colorful, and creative way to do it.

An example – upload a picture of a sunrise/sunset and copy or write a short morning/night prayer on it and position it at the top or bottom – change the color of the writing so it contrasts with the background, put a frame on it (a color if you like) and that’s it !!!

Here are some examples of what you can write on a “pin”

1. Success is when you allow Jesus’ words and graces to alter the way you think and live.

2. Dearest little apostle, you are chosen to work in this world intimately united to Jesus. Will you say yes to Him?

3. Jesus’ goals for you include only what is best for you and for the world around you.

4. Never be sure of your sanctity, rather be fearful of your humanity, which is what can make you fall.

5. Spiritual Maturity is achieved by sustaining trials, cultivating endurance, and reaching for perfection.

6. Often have I lived hoping against hope, and have advanced my hope to complete trust in God. Let that which He has ordained from all ages happen to me.

7. The deceitfulness of sin is seen in that it is modest in its first proposals but when it prevails it hardens men’s hearts, and brings them to ruin.


9. Model integrity to those you meet. Do not compromise virtue. Do not abandon your religious values because others are displeased by this. Stand firm. Your faith must grow. It must be unshakable.

10. Love is a mystery that transforms everything it touches into things beautiful and pleasing to God.

11. Always remember who your true enemy is—not the one who has injured you, but the enemy of souls.

12. Words spoken in anger invoke the enemy; words spoken in love, peace, forgiveness, and fellowship drive him away.

13. It is only when you bless your detractors and do good to those who injure you that you truly defeat evil.

14. You have been gifted with a spirit of excellence. Jesus calls you to teach others that excellence equates pleasing Him in all things.

15. Empower each of your children to do their part to see that people come to Christ.

16. Accept in every present moment the Father's Will for you, and then you will be His worthy instruments.

17. Amid the greatest torments, I fix the gaze of my soul upon Jesus Crucified; I do not expect help from people, but place my trust in God. In His unfathomable mercy lies all my hope.