Mama Do Not Cry

This is from testimonial of a mother who lost her only son and she got letter from heaven, from his son and now she wanted to give courage to others who lost their dearly people. I got this in YouTube version, made by someone and sent to my Blackberry. I cried when I read this because it is so sad and the song really fit with the story. :)

--Mama Don't Cry--

Mrs. Sally immediately got up when she saw the surgeon come out from the operating room.
She asked hopefully:
How my son?
Whether he can be cured?
When should I see?
The surgeon replied, "I'm doing my best, but unfortunately I couldn’t helped your son"
Mrs. Sally asked despondently,
"Why my innocent son can get cancer?
Why God didn’t care anymore?
Where are you God when my son needed you? "

The surgeon asked, "Do you want to be with your son for some time? The nurse will be out for a few minutes before the body was taken to the university. Mrs. Sally asked the nurse to stay with her when she want to say goodbye to her son.
She lovingly brushed his black hair.
"Do you want to save a bit of his hair as a remembrance?" The nurse asked.
Miss Sally nodded. The nurse cut a little hair and put it in a plastic bag for storage.
Mrs. Sally said, “My son Jimmy wants to donate his body to the University. He said maybe this way he can help others in need.”
"At first I was not allowed but Jimmy said, 'Mom, I've already don’t need this body after I'm dead. Maybe my body can help other children to be able to live longer with their mother.”
Mrs. Sally continued to talk, "My son was having a heart of gold. Jimmy was always thinking of others. Always wanted to help others as long as he can do it.”
Mrs. Sally left the hospital after six months spent there to take care of Jimmy ...
She carries a bag filled with his belongings. The return journey was difficult for her. Even harder when she entered the house and feels empty.
Jimmy items placed along a plastic bag containing a handful of hair in her son's room.
She put the toy car and personal belongings of Jimmy, his son, to where Jimmy stored the regular stuff. Then she laid on the bed. With her face buried in the pillow, she cried and sleep.
Around the middle of the night, Mrs. Sally awake. There is a folded letter on pillow beside her.

The letter reads:
Dear Mama,
I knew you would miss me,
but I will always remember you, Ma
and will not stop loving you
although I was not able to say: 'I love Mama' again.
I have always loved you
even day after day the more I love you, Ma.
Until one day we will meet again.
Before that time comes, if Mama want to adopt a boy in order not to get lonely, for me it doesn't matter, Ma.
He could sleep in my room and playing with my toys.
But if Mom adopting girls, maybe she doesn’t do things like us, boys.
Mama have to buy her dolls and items required for girls.
Don't be sad thinking about me, Ma.
I am now in a very beautiful place.
Grandfather and grandmother met me once I got there and they showed beautiful places.
But it takes a long time to see everything there.
The angel was very quiet and looks cool. But I'm happy see them fly.
And Mama Do you know what I saw?
Jesus does not look like the pictures painted by people.
But, when I saw him, I'm sure he is Jesus.
Jesus himself took me to see Father!
Ma, guess what happened?
I could sit on His lap and talk to him as if I'm a very important person.
I told Father that I wanted to write a letter for Mama to say goodbye and say another word.
But I realized that maybe He won’t allow it.
But you know Mama, God himself give me a piece of paper and His pencil to write this letter to Mama.
I think the angel Gabriel would sending this letter to you, Ma.
God said he would answer Mama when Mama asked the question, 'Where is God when I need Him?'
God said He was with me as well as when His son Jesus was crucified.
Ma He's there, and He always being with all the kids.
By the way, no one can read what I wrote, only you.
For others, this letter only a blank sheet of paper.
Isn’t it incredible Ma?
Now I have to return Father Pencil that I borrowed.
Father is need for a pencil to write the names in the Book of Life.
Tonight I'm going to eat together with Jesus in His banquet.
I'm sure the food will be delicious.
Oh, I almost forgot to tell Ma.
I was not in pain anymore.
The cancer is gone.
I'm glad because I could not stand feel the pain and Father also not bear to see me in pain.
That is why He send the Angels Liberator to pick me up.
The angel said that I am a special delivery!
How is it Ma?

Guest 3

I wonder what the post office in heaven is like? I sure hope its nothing like the post office here on earth with the lines reaching to the door.