Man Of Steel Movie


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I've heard that Superman's story was originally based on Moses, so there has always been a Christian element to the character.
I want to know how this guy from crypton manages to be clean shaven, hair cut neat and tidy, nails manicured when even bombs and multiple high speed collisions with buildings don't even cause a scratch.
that's just Superman, least in the original Nuclear Man did some damage to him... but I won't reminisce about a movie I like in this thread for a movie I know I probably won't like (mind you my favorite movie is... not that good, so don't take what I say about movies to heart)
Has anyone seen it yet? Some say it has references to Christianity and Jesus.
When the Superman movies with Christopher Reeve (the only true Superman) were published, I heard similar comments of JW and Mormons. We apparently see all different things if we see the same film.