Maybe There Should Be .....


Maybe There Should Be .....

Instead of each time having to explain to a new member the proceedure as far as partial and full member and the number of posts etc. and when they can see their profile and when they can have access to private messaging maybe there could be a tutorial or a sticky above the New Members Area and they could be referred to it upon starting out .

I think that would save staff a lot of time from having to always explain to new members.

Pastor Gary

Senior Moderator and Staff Trainer
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Thank you for the suggestions and recommendations. Both are being considered, but there are limitations as to the software capabilities and if these suggestions are technically feasible in the operations and formatting, we'll see what we can do. The New Member Announcement will probably be added after the next Forum software version upgrade. The auto notification may be a bit more difficult to deal with from the TECH standpoint and what can actually be added by way of available plug-in's or add-on's... all which cost additional money to purchase and operate under license, if they are available at all.

Thank you.