Meditation Of The Heart



Meditation Of The Heart

What do you think about when there's nothing to think about? This is the meditation of the heart. Selah.

Hearing this helped me very quickly - I noticed that the meditation of my heart was my outter image and my wanting to lose weight. This one thing exposes a lot more around it as well, giving me a new knowledge of how the enemy's been successfully attacking me.


His Fellowship, His Word, reaching others for Christ, expecting blessings at every hand and in every form. It truly is all about our focus. If we read the Davidic Psalms we will see this same pattern repeated:
Consumed with life, it's trails and obsticles David would get down and depressed.
Looking at and weeping over his problems he refuses to be comforted and always seems to find a new low in attitude and emotional state.
Slowly he begins to remember the things God has done for him.
He begins to have a thankful heart.
His confidence seems to rise.
His enemies and obsticles start to move.
He rejoices in God and His loving kindness
He receives victory form God's own hand.

Most of us (if we are honest) can see a similar pattern in our own lives at times. If we but keep our eyes on Christ we can skip the first couple of steps and go right to declaring His faithful;ness over our situations. THis seems to come to us quicker when our back is against the wall facing a huge problem (Jericho) and yet it is our self dependance that causes us to stumble over the little stuff (Ai).
Just like the Hebrew children we are standing on the edges of His promise- some choose to see giants- some choose to see grapes- which group will we dwell in?
May 12, 2008
It is good to listen to our hearts Mark...

I have desires that seem to SHOUT but when God speaks to us in a still small voice, we just have to quiet ourselves to listen...:heart: