Messianic Prophesies Helpful For Salvation.

Ps. 22: is well noted for fore telling the cross. Some have made the mistake of saying Jesus had to be saved and that he was a sinner. Ps. 146:6 he is creator look at Col.1:16 all created by him and for him.

reading Luke 4: where Jesus reads to the leaders of his day he is practically quoting Ps. 146:7-9.
v.10 over his cross he was noted as king. In 146:10 he is a reigning king.

In 146:8 it shows him before the cross as a lover of righteousness. This couldn't be said of a sinner.
Many T.V. evangelists believe Jesus was a sinner and had to be born again. 146:8 shows he who opens eyes and raises bowed down---Luke 13:1 and Mark 8:22 loved righteousness. He also did righteousness.
His blood was pure and holy. He was the Lamb without spot , wrinkle , blemish. Just like the O.T. type.
I think as Christians; we NEED a healthy grasp on the entirety of the Scripture so that we can use the knowledge to have the wisdom on how to present the Gospel to all those whom we encounter. Our best witness however is not ourselves, nor is it the Bible or memorizing the Word. Our witness is the indwelling Holy Spirit-and if that Spirit does not shine 'out' of us-we are easily seen as a fraud.

I believe that is why we are commanded to preach the 'Good News'; not to preach conversion, hellfire, condemnation, and the multitude of other doctrines in the Scriptures. Christians need a foundation on these doctrines so we can see the desperate need the lost around us have for love.

There's something sweet when someone seeking the truth hears about the love of Christ. The problem today with preaching the Gospel isn't with the lost-it is Body of Christ that has one deaf hear, tunnel vision, a stiff neck and a partially soft heart.

In my opinion: the scripture cannot be truly loved accept by those whom have accepted the Grace of God.
Here is a testimony of the past. There is a certain website, which includes the prophesy page.
The testimony of the head director was that he was a non- Christian. He then was reading the Messianic prophesies slowly and carefully. That is his reason he said for asking Jesus into his heart to be his savior. That is a partial reason for why I use the prophesies. Along with the study I personal find that 99% of the people on a forum like this need good teachers being they are Christians already. As we all buy up the truth we have the tendency to make a error. Opinions will never amount to anything unless they are for establishing already present truth. We all who are pressing on to maturity and the fullness of Christ will be tolerable for our younger brethren. If I ever post anything that is not love I know I would be a sounding brass and tinkling cymbal.
My ministry is one of encouragement, but sometimes sound like I'm rebuking. Have to say will never compromise truth while at the same time open minded for correction. As we grow in the Lord , we must remember it is not about us but for God's glory.

To change the subject, the picture of me in the upper left is a picture of great humility.
It wouldn't seem that way would it? It appears as if a man with a guitar is successful as a gospel country singer. But in fact, he is a failure there. He has been playing in special
governmental and charity programs where Mayors and very high ranking people in the world have seen him perform.

Then been to a recording studio and had that picture made. Sang at a church where the key of the city was presented to the Pastor.

Then it all fell apart. Had to say no to a man setting me up to join a very popular music operation where I had to compromise in other areas that are not Christian. Even though it was gospel music. Not all was correct. God had a bigger plan for me as a gospel music
praise and worship specialist as well as a special preaching ministry.

The lesson to learn was that as God's representative, He will open all the doors, while I wait for him. In all that I remain a nobody without him.

God's people must learn that God deserves the highest honor and respect, as we are just servants (and friends). God bless.