Million (a wonderful Christian film)

Million (a wonderful Christian film)

Millions (film)

I have recently seen twice the film called “Millions”. “Millions” is a Christian film with its own unique twists and you even get to meet a few Saints along the way! It is a very inspiring movie about a young boy whose mother died and finds a large sum of cash he believes was sent to him by God for charity to help the needy and is given good and bad advise throughout the film about what to do with the money, while all along he is trying to do his best to make the right decisions at such a young age. It is a very uplifting film about this boy who is so innocent and faithful, dealing with issues hard for adults to deal with. I was a little chocked up towards the end to be honest :D. The film is Heart Warming and just shows how much we as Christian benefit by “becoming like children again”. It is a family movie with some people making good and bad decisions (just like life) and how they deal with them and the repercussions felt.

You can find a review of the film “Millions” at the below web address.

I strongly recommend this film! The movie is rated PG, but there may be a couple slightly "racy" (nothing I consider really provocative) scenes in the movie that more conservative people may not like, but overall it is a very moving movie portraying how real life events could occur. You can weed out the "innocent, cold, lukewarm, & hot" people throught the movie. Reference: Revelation 3:16
16 So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.