Miracles and Drama

So I had been praying to God over a certain topic for while. I prayed and prayed and prayed. Then, He answered my prayers. I am not going to say exactly what it was, but it is going to greatly improve my life and one that is close to me. :) I am very grateful for all that God has done.

Just an update on my mom.. Her doctor wants her to get another opinion so she will be traveling to a bigger town close to us to get a second opinion on what is going on. I am asking that you all continue to pray for her health and to pray that she does not have cancer. I am continually praying for her each and every day. I know that she is worried and I am too. But I am trying to stay strong. She is doing the same.

In other news, I have had some trouble with another member of my family.
I am just so hostile against them. She is one of those people who is never happy, whatever we do for her, it is NEVER good enough, and she complains nonstop. I can't stand when I talk to someone and every word that comes out of their mouth is negative. It brings me down. I try not to let it, but it does. It's ruining the relationship that I and my immediate family have with this person. It's sad, but it is happening slowly but surely. I am asking God to release this negativity from her life and make her easier to be around. I am also asking God to give me the strength not to blow up on this person. I am a very caring, understanding person. But it's hard to be that way when nothing positive ever exits this woman's mouth. I pray that God help me learn how to talk to her without losing my temper. I pray that she realizes all that my mom has done for her and continues to do every day. I pray that it just gets better. I don't know what else to do because I have tried almost everything. I just cannot take the drama. And if you looked up Drama Queen in the dictionary, there would be her face. It's sad. And I need all of the help I can get.

God is good though, and I am going to try and focus on all of the great things He has done for me and the people I love. My life is going in the right direction and I have Him to thank for that.

I hope all of you are doing great and I pray that you all have a wonderful weekend coming up!

Liz, drama queen sounds like my mum. unfortunately, and I've just learned to ignore her when she makes her rants and says unkind things to me. I don't need to listen to that, then get in big argument. I go in my room and shut the door. As she's an unbeliever, and not listening to God, there's nothing much He can do to convict her...but remember Daniel? When he was in the lions den, He shut the lion's mouths. So I suppose we must be like Daniel and follow his example honoring God and staying true to Him whilst in the midst of the world.
In my opinion, you just have to keep on being nice to her and stay patient. But do not talk to her if you don't absolutely have to. I suggest trying to get on her good side, and if possible, don't show any signs of anger or agitation towards her.
Ask God to give you a love for this woman. We did that with a woman who lived next to us. One evening, we cooked and delivered supper to her unexpectedly. She was not expecting anything like this from us. That's when she knew we cared for her.
I'll be praying for both situations.
I'll be joining you in prayer for your mom and your family member. Wqlking in love and forgiveness isn't easy at first, but the more you develope a habit, it's like drinking water. Something else to think about doing is to ask the Lord to constantly bless her with peace and joy.