moderated posts

Smellycat -
Can you let us know what post you are talking about?

There have been changes made by Jeff for certain posts to be moderated. Nothing that you did. But there were some things happening a several months ago where we needed to make those changes.
I approved that post early this morning. Did you create that post Michael? I thought that was from an unregistered user. When a unregistered user post, it has to be read by a moderator first before it is approved by a moderator for the open forum to view it.
I tried to respond to the unregistered person's post also and there was a message that displayed after clicking "post" that said a moderator had to approve it first .
Yea, there were three members who responded. Whenever a member respond to an unregistered posts. A moderator has to read it first then approve it. They have all been approved now. Sorry Michael I hope I cleared this up for you.