Mom threatened with jail for teaching kids at home

And it worries me too.
We live in a supposed democratic nation, and yet people that dont know our children from Adam are making decisions that could affect their who;e lives.
I think parents should have complete authority over their children as long as they treat them properly of course, and the state should not be able to dictate how and when or what we do.
In the UK we have school nurses counselling girls for abortion at age 12, and their parents dont even know.
How can that be right?
We need as Christian parenst to stand up and fight for what is God's order in the raising of children.


It's a glitch and an ignorant judge, it will work out. At least for now homescholl is a legla optopn in the US. My 16 year old hasbn finished this years studies already. I will give him a month off and let him do next year. My 17 year old is about 2 weeks from finishing 12th grade and I expect to have him doing alot of act prep work.