Don’t do that… what would the neighbors thinK?

Chew… then swallow.

Get your finger out of your nose.

Be nice to your sister.

If we didn't eat up our food, our mother always reminded us about the children in Africa.

If we watch to much TV, our mother said that our eyes is going become like square one day.
These are so great! It's amazing how fast we can go right back to childhood....sometimes that's good and sometimes not so good! Wasn't so great for me but here goes...

Whenever we wanted something my mother couldn't afford (which was all the time cause she was a widow) she would say...

"Want in one hand and s*^t in the other and see which one fills up the fastest."


I think I finally understood this about a year ago!! LOLOLOL....just kidding but MAN that made no sense to me as a kid!
- "What do you think, money grows on trees?"

- "Why do you want to go to the store, I don't have any wanna go to just sit there?"

- "If your sister doesn't quit telling you you're adopted, I'm going to put her up for adoption!"

- If God had wanted you to ____________, he would have ____________!

- Coffee stunts your growth! (I'm 6ft 1inch :eek:)

- What do I look like to you, a bank?

- What are you guys doing in there!? [me and my little brother, getting into trouble in another room in the house, would look at each other with big eyes did she know?!]
my mom:

i told you so
because i said so!
your face will freeze if you don't fix your expression!
you fix your face!
you say sorry!
what did i tell you?!
just because everyone does it doesnt mean you should do it too!
and so?
no way jose!

my parents:

my ultimate hated line: you'll understand when you get older

i couldn't WAIT to get older! hahaha


#1 most used: Because I said so. lol.

But why?

Because I said so.

But why did you say so?

Because I'm your father/mother.

That doesn't mean you don't need a reason!

That's what I was like when I was little.