More And More


More And More

As this past week we focused onthe cross and the Ressurection of our Saviour , Jesus Christ , I am realizing more and more ---- it's not about me --- It's about Him . I must decrease and He must increase .

I should have been the one put on that cross . He was innocent , spotless without sin .

Christ's journey to Resurrection Sunday portrays God's great love ---- God 's love for the world from the very beginning of time in Genesis where He saw the earth and siad it was good

All through the O. T. , as we read about all the laws and sacrifices the people had to make for their sins it became apparent that these sacrifices were not working and the people were becoming more sinful .

God form the very beginning of time, had a plan that included His Son , Jesus Christ to redeam us from our sins as an atonement for our sins .

God so loved the world " that He gave "His ultimate Sacrifice " THe Lamb of God " who takes away the sins of the world .

God did not give us something but He gave us SOMEONE ... Jesus Christ of Nazareth .

Resurrection Sunday means we have " Life In His Name '