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Movie Mistakes







Open thine eyes! LOL!
Seriously- I am seeing the pictures just fine- are you having an ussue with them?
When I click on the properties, copy the address and try to open it in another window, it tells me it doesn’t match my hotmail. I’m assuming you copied them from your hotmail. I don’t think that works.


I see said the blind man. Give me a few minutes and I will try again.

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While I do not have a photo of this, a very unique error was made during the filming of the 1951 version of "Scrooge" staring Alastair Sim and Patrick Macnee.

In the later part of the film, after the third spirit leaves Scrooge back at his residence, the housemaid comes in and while Scrooge is speaking with her, he walks over near a wall hanging mirror. Because of the angle of the mirror verses the position of the camera, a stage hand can be seen in that mirror on two separate occasions and this was never picked up by the editors during the final editing of the motion picture. Those of you who have a copy, go to that scene late in the film and see this for yourselves. Quite interesting.

Scrooge (1951 film - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
In Tootsie (Dustin Hoffman), she's doing a scene where she's giving heck to the doctor. She fumbles, puts on her glasses, and starts yelling. Then it cuts back to the doctor. She's fishing her glasses out of her purse.

In Indian Jones and the Last Cruisade, Hitler signs the Grail Diary with his right hand. Hitler was left-handed.

In Raiders of the Lost Ark, you can see the reflection of the cobra in the pit against the glass that separates Indy from the snake in the Well of Souls.

In practically all space movies, you hear an audible explosion whenever something blows up...there's no sound in space.

I forget which one it is...but the kids in school on the rez used to laugh about it: In one of the Chief Joseph movies, you can see powerlines on the hill behind Chief Joseph when he's giving his famous speech.:eek:
In Dirty Dancing, in the scene where Baby is learnng to do lifts in the water, while it is supposedly summer, some of the trees in the background are in Autumn colours. They actually all where and most of them were painted in green later.

Also, ever wondered why there is no close up during that scene - because it was so cold, the actors lips were blue!
These are all very interesting, it is amazing how some things sneak by.
I have a question. I don't know if anyone who is old enough to remember a movie I believe back in the early 80's and I believe may have been call "Three Men And A Baby" with one of the fathers being played by Tom Selleck.
Anyway, this movie was filmed in a large apartment in New york which once a family lived who had a young boy who died. The family had moved out and they asked that this movie not be filmed there, but it was done anyway.
I don't know it this was done intentially, but during a scene in the movie the camera scans over to a window and there is a boy standing in front of the window with a Dutch haircut (was not part of the scene) freaked me out.
Then in a scene a couple seconds later the camera moves to another scene and there is a rifle (which is also not part of the scene).
The story was that in real life this young boy that lived in the apartment was shot to death and this is why the family asked that this movie not be filmed there.
My question is, does anyone remeber this movie and if so, did anyone view what I viewed?
I was so freaked out at the time that I called the hotel in Ney York that night to ask about the film and two people I spoke to did not ever see those scenes, but they did see the movie.
Three men and a baby and a wizard

My wife and sister inlaw freaked over that movie and the legend that went with it.

After the story(which helped the movie income run it's cource a hollywood legend special on TV exposed that the young man in the window was actualy a reflection of placard likness of David Gutenburg (the one of the three men) setting just out of site of the camera. One of those cardboard stand up things. The rifle suposedly an umbrella partialy hidden behind a hanging coat.
But my wife still believes it was the boy and gun:D

The same special reveiled that there was actualy a man who hung himself on camera during the filming of the Wizard of OZ. It was in the back ground while they were in the woods during the confrontation with the witch.
You can see him clearly swing out and then sway back and forth from a tree.(About a second and a half ) The producers desided to ignor it because of the cost of redoing that scene.The controvercy didn't start about it until it was noticed just after the first TV showing and then again when it come out on VHS where people could replay and examine the scene.

I saw that one!:eek:

the Arnold Scharzch movie - Urban Legend had it that a ghost can be seen peering into the window behind the actors - a small boy. But it turned out, after careful research, that the boy was really a cardboard cutout. To juice it up, tellers of this urban legend even say that the ghost only reveals himself in certain movies - not all copies.

The munchkin committing suicide on the Wizard of Oz was actually a peacock spreading its wings in the background.

:eek:Funny what the mind can do.