Muslim Extremism in the UK

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That's pretty scary stuff. The extemists that they captured here last year were going to blow up the CN tower and the parliament buildings.And were targeting the Prime Minister.


There is a strong muslim presence in the US also and they are teaching pretty much the same things.

The Muslims have been invading Western Europe since the 7th Century. The only reason they have stopped is because of their own internal turmoil. It was never because we have gave them a final beating, although we have beaten them many times.

As of now the Muslims have advanced to a point that would have made their forrunners envious. They are in every major Western European country and in the USA.
I think we will have to fight them.


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just seems there names are creeping into society.when my church is called a mosque i will let you know.


SS Great Britain is still a western civilization. THe article was only meant to show the growing influence of Muslim extremism and the oxymoron which is moderate islam. It was never meant to frighten anyone.