My friend's dream.

My friend's dream.

Ok, this morning when my best friend got to school he was acting really weird. I asked him what was wrong, and he told me that last night he had a bad dream. I asked him what it was about. He wouldn't tell me but I eventually got him to tell me. I knew that it would make him feel better to tell someone.

He told me that he had dreamed that it was our last days on Earth, you know, that Revelations was taking place. He said that they had this place you could go to if you wanted to be killed, if you thought that you could not take it any longer here on earth. Well, he found that he could not live any longer so he went to the place to be killed. When he got there, the executionist (for lack of a better word) was our history teacher.

The teacher talked him out of being killed, and told him that he knew that if he could only make it a little while longer, he would soon be with God. As my best friend turned to walk away, he saw our other close friend getting killed. He said his face was covered in blood and at that moment, our other friend died.

My best friend told me that this was the most realistic dream that he has ever had, and it has really affected him emotionally. I tried to get him to talk about it, but he wasn't up to discussing it.

All day, he wasn't acting like his normal self. He was kind of.. subdued. I know he was thinking about what had happened in his dream.

Is there anything I can do to help him? I want to tell him something but I just don't know what. I can't stand to see him torn apart because of a dream. It's just that we both know that... It could happen any day. But I just don't know what to tell him to make him feel better. :(


Is your friend a Christina- if not lead him ot the Lord. As far as the church we are told to look up and rejoice when we see these things come to pass for our Saviour is drawing near- tell your friend that if he has Jesus he has nothing to fear.
This is how I would approach him:
I agree that key point here is your friends relationship with God right now. If he has accepted Christ, it sounds like he is dwelling on this dream because he is questioning his salvation.If you have gone through this in one way or another, let him know that he is not alone. He probably thinks he is wrong for doubting this, so maybe there is reason to doubt. Remind him that Satan will always try to get us to doubt, to question God's promises,His loyalty, and His authenticity,just as he did with Eve in the Garden of eden. Also,if he is doubting he could be holding on to something, as many of us do, that he feels will keep his name out of the book of life.Remind him that it is not through our actions that we are saved, but God's grace. and encourage him to get on his knees, and confess what he is carrying,and offer it up to God. If he is unsure of what it is, he can ask God to reveal it to him. It may not be instantaneous,but God will show him what his burden is. God does not comand us to repent of something we cannot confess. We are toconfess, and then repent.

If he is not a Christian, lovingly try find out why. In my mind he would not be dwelling on this dream as he is, if he was completely decided on not accepting Christ. He is mulling it over, and this dream shook him up. Only when you find out his reason for hesitation, can you offer encouragement to get him past it, otherwise, you are just grasping at straws till you lay hold on the right one, and both will get frustrated.
I hope that this is helpful.
He is a Christian... he's like the most Christian person that is my age that I know. It's so weird because he has never doubted God or anything before. I don't know what to do.
I know its hard to see a friend in turmoil. I think the reality of this situation is that right now, there may be nothing in addition to the praying Im sure you've already done for him, and just keep being his friend. Keep the love of Christ raining down on him. Unless he reveals the actual issue to you, or God gives you insight into whats going on with him, there is really no corrective or counseling course of action you can take, which leaves you, for now, in a support role. Be patient. I know its hard, because of your love and concern for him, but he has to figure this out, and From your statement of his relationship with Christ, he is probably looking to God for an answer. Be ready, because when he is ready, he will seek you out.
Glad to hear your friends back to normal. I think, now that I've thought about for a bit, that dream would have messed me up, especially as vivid as it was for your friend. I think what would have messed me up the most would be seeing the other friend die. It would probably have taken a while for the shock of the image to wear off . Thanks for the update!
Man, that brought a tear to my eye, and i dont even know why, for real. All i can really say is..praise the LORD for Jesus, he died in order for us to keep on living.