My God - Your God. My Father - Your Father.

'Accepted in the Beloved'

While reading His Word, I was caused to worship God in my heart, and my prayer was that He enclose me in His arms that I may hear His heartbeat: and as I spoke wordlessly, I was already there in my inner eye, in the circle of his right arm, held to His heart, while He looked down on me with loving acceptance, my eyes filling with tears of joy.

The picture united with my memory of being encircled in this same way in my Fathers arms, as a small child. Hearing his heart beat against his waistcoat, smelling the tobacco in his pocket, the tick of his fob-watch on it's chain another pocket. The warmth of belonging, of acceptance, and the love of a child relationship with my father. I felt Gratitude for his memory, for the part he played in enabling me to know a Father/Child relationship, that I may have this comparison, and know and appreciate the love of my heavenly Father, which so transcends my earthly father's love for me, yet mirrors it in type.

The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is our God, and our Father - 'in Him'. We are chosen, loved and accepted in His Beloved Son.

Praise His Holy Name!

In Christ Jesus
Hi @Complete,

You always have something encouraging, inspirational & uplifting. Thanks Chris, we so need to listen to good God focussed songs.

Blessings, Marilyn.