My Introduction

Hello everyone,

My name is Craig, I have been a christian for 11 years now but do not currently attend a church so have found myself lacking in christian brotherhood. I am married with several children ranging in age from 5 to 20 each of whom I have worked hard to lead them to Christ. My wife is a christian also and belongs to a couple of christian boards on an all womens site specifically geared towards mothers.

I joined this site after about 4 hours of researching different boards and felt that the discussions on here were a little less confrontational than I have seen on other boards so I applied and was excepted. I have never before been part of a christian online community and hope that I will enjoy my time here, so far I have.

My original intent for seeking a christian forum was an experience that I had this past Sunday and God laid it on my heart to share my story. I wrote the story up and posted it in another forum where I have several friends but felt that I should share it with more than just the few people who read my postings. My wife was moved by the story enough that she used it in her daily blog as well. I wasn't sure if I was going to post my story and then quietly fade away, but after reading through some of these posts and finding a young lady who posted a question on something that I am familiar with I decided to stick around and see what I might be able to contribute and what I might be able to learn.
Craig welcome to the forums :)...Its great to hear that you have decided to choose us. You can definitely post your testimony/story over here any time you like. People over here are very patient and understand andwill appreciate it :)

God Bless
Hi Craig, I am sure you will make a lot of friends here too. We are very friendly as you can see from the logo. :D Welcome to our humble home. Invite your wife over too. Hope you enjoy it here.
Hi Craig, welcome to the site! I'm sure you'll find the people here to be very friendly and happy to enjoy discussing their beliefs. I too looked at various boards before deciding on this one and agree that on some sites the people can seem a bit confrontational. When people are passionate about their faith and beliefs they can sometimes become overly zealous about how they defend their views. I haven't seen that happen here, when people disagree on something they tend to agree to disagree and not turn it into a confrontation. I look forward to hearing from you on the forums.
God Bless,
Hi Craig! I'm glad you decided to join us.
I agree with what you said about this board being less confrontational :)
We try to keep it that way!!!!

Enjoy being here at CFS :)
Craig! Hope your time here is blessed!