My Introduction

Hello, I'm new in this forum, nice to meet you. I'm a Malaysian Christian who has been saved by grace and mercy, still trying my best with God's help to be a faithful follower of Christ though there are struggles and challenges all the way.

I have started up this blog called DOVE Philosophy of Happiness recently. It was created as my 365-day challenge to find happiness from the Book of Life in my everyday life, whether it be splendid or gloomy. Life isn’t perfect, simply because the world that we are living in will never be perfect after all. Yet, I believe that happiness is a daily choice that you and me can make.

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Rom 5:3-5 ....We continue to shout our praise even when we're hemmed in with troubles , because we know how troubles can develop passionate patience in us, and how that patience in turn forges the tempered steel of virtue, keeping us alert for whatever God will do next. In alert expectancy such as this, we're never left feeling short-changed. Quite the contrary--we can't round up enough containers to hold everything God generously pours into our lives through the Holy Spirit. (The Message)

Dr. Charles Stanley has said "A child of God is never a victim of their circumstances". He considers it a life principle.

This has been a path He has had me on lately. I've repeated Rom 5:3-8 ever day for weeks now.

Peace & Joy to you!
Hi Jason, thanks for the reminder that we can choose happiness regardless of our circumstances.

I will definitely keep an eye on your blog as well.