These are the testimonies of how the Lord wrought His miracle power in the life
and ministry of my wife and I while we were planting a church in a village known as Maloya, chandigarh North India:
"Is there anything hard for the Lord"? Gen 18:14, "Is there anything too hard for Me"?
Jeremiah 32:27, "The things which are impossible with men are possible with God",Luke 18:27.
First MIRACLE: Transportation
In 1993 we started a ministry in Maloya village - We had to walk 18Km every
day to get there from our home. One Sunday we walked along as we always did
with my older son Sam (6 months). We had to leave our house at 7am to reach
Maloya by about 10 am since we had no transportation of our own.
When we arrived at Maloya we discovered that the house we had hired was
empty- not a single person was there! We spread out a carpet and on our
knees we prayed, worshiped and sang to the Lord. I began to share from the
Word as if there were more people there than just my wife and six month old
son, Sam. We put our offering into the offering box. After the service we
went to leave.
We hadn't ate or drank all day so we decided to head home to prepare some
rice and grains. The weather was so hot though and my son was getting
restless so we decided to take a rickshaw. Normally the Rickshaw puller
would ask 20 Rupees for this journey but by faith we asked one rickshaw puller
how much it would cost to bring us to home sector 44c from Maloya village
and he asked for only 8 Rupees(0.16754 cents USD)! This was exactly what we had in our hands! We
were so surprised we asked the Rickshaw puller three times but He said ,
Yes sir every time. Again, it was shocking and surprising to us and we
praised God when he brought us to home for Rs.8 instead of Rs.20. Praise
the Lord!!!! It was first miracle that he did in our ministry.
Second Miracle: Gas
By Gods grace after one year I was able to get a scooter for my family and
I to use for our transportation (and for the ministry as well). Some days we traveld as far as 300 KM away! On one occasion, there was a brother from Kenya who worshiped with us who invited me to go his house for prayer after Sunday worship. He had asked
me to be there for exactly 5 pm and so after a couple of hours rest I
started the journey. However, One and a half km into my journey my scooter
got stuck in the mud and stopped!
Then I checked the engine, it seemed fine but the starter just would not
turn. I checked the gas. The tank was empty and I had no money at all.
So in the very spot where my scooter had stopped I began to Praise the Lord
and ask him for a miracle . All of a sudden, there was another brother from
Kenya who was coming to my house to see me for prayer and fellowship and
he asked me why I was stopped there.
Before I could answer he said that he came to spend some time praying and
fellowshipping with me and so I told him to come in a couple of hours. He
said said he was in no hurry and that prayer and fellowship was not the
main reason for his visit and that he wanted to give me a small gift.
He handed me an envelope and asked me to pray for the gift and for him.
After I prayed he left and returned to his home. Then I opened the envelope
and saw Rs.500/- wow!!!! I began praising God and took the money to gas
station only 15 minutes away. I got enough gas and went to that brother's
house and had prayer with him and he blessed me abundantly. I was praising
God and thanking Him!
Jesus is only Great Deliverer:
There was a woman named Muniyamma, who had been possessed by goddesses
(demons) and used to tell oracles in Maloya where our church is located.
While we were ministering the Word and distributing tracts we saw her and
talked with her, sharing our testimonies. After a month she came to our
church asking us to pray for healing of her stomach pain. Then Daisy and I
started praying for her, instantly she fell down on the floor, screaming,
and rolling all over the floor in the church, no one present could control
her for about an hour. Then she became unconscious. We continued praying and when she became
conscious again, we kept proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and said that
she should deny the gods and goddesses and confess her sins and accept the
Lord Jesus as her personal Savior. But because she had such a great reputation
in the village for speaking oracles she wouldn't accept Christ. We prayed
and fasted for her a week and more.
After a month again she started coming regularly to church but had not yet
been delivered from demon possession.
As we were again praying for her, in church, she went into a fit falling
down and rolling around breaking things as her body flung about. The
congregation started praying with us to seek deliverance of her from demon
possession. After the demons let her up she left without Christ.
After another month, the Lord Jesus set her free from the possession. Praise the
Her family did everything they could to prevent her from getting to church
but she was provided with times to make some meetings.
One fine day she was cooking a meal for her family, 8 children and her
husband. It was about 8 pm, she had cooked rice and other dishes. She
started serving food to the children and husband. Her husband found a tail
in the last handful of rice and another one found the head of that lizard.
They were all fearful as this lizard was deadly poison! Everyone became
scared and wondered, would they live or die? Muniyamma asked the family to call the
Pastor to pray for them and after a long discussion, they called at 11:15
pm. I rushed along with Daisy and my older son (Sam) to their house. It
was a great joy to see them welcome us in their house. They explained
the lizard problem in their food and they were under great fear of death!
This turned out to be a great opportunity for us to share the Gospel with them and
encourage them to trust in and accept the Lord Jesus as their Savior.
Immediately the family said that if the Lord gives them life surely they
will become His children and they would denounce other gods and goddess.
We prayed and pleaded to our Lord Jesus Christ for their lives to be safe.
The next day they all visited our bible study and they accepted Jesus as
their Lord and Savior. This miracle opened the door to her village so the
Gospel of Jesus Christ could be preached. This showed all the neighbors of
Muniamma how Jesus is all powerful and the only Living God!!!!!!!
Jagan, thank you for sharing what I'm sure is a very small part of your testimony. It has been wonderful to hear how God has supplied your need and how He has opened doors to enable you to tell others about Jesus. I am very much aware of the persecution and poverty many Christians face in India, but also of the great faith and trust the people have in God.

May Jesus continue to pour out His love and care upon you and your brothers and sisters in Maloya, and may you continue to preach His word fearlessly and in the power of the Holy Spirit.