My New Diet and Workout Plan



My New Diet and Workout Plan

So I'm pretty well on my way, and have got a new routine just started, that I'm liking so far. Before I wasn't eating enough, so when I finally got enough carbs, I felt sick. But it's what I'm supposed to be getting, so my body is gonna have to get used to it. It probably already has anyways.

It 's called carb-cycling. A 6 day cycle.

1 - Cardio - 1300 Calories --- 125g Protein --- 70g Fibrous Carbs --- 30-40g Fats ---
2 - Cardio - 1300 Calories --- 125g Protein --- 60g Fibrous Carbs --- 30-40g Fats ---
3 - Cardio - 1300 Calories --- 125g Protein --- 50g Fibrous Carbs --- 30-40g Fats ---
4 - Day Off - 2700 Calories --- 200+g Protein --- 275-300g Starchy Carbs --- 60-70g Fats ---
5 - Chest/Triceps/Shoulders/Abs - 2700 Calories --- 200+g Protein --- 275-300g Starchy Carbs --- 60-70g Fats ---
6 - Back/Biceps/Legs - 2700 Calories --- 200+g Protein --- 275-300g Starchy Carbs --- 60-70g Fats ---

The above is my plan so far, it may or may not change as I listen to what my body thinks of it.

Notice I'm having fibrous carbs on cardio day. Like Brocolli and Red peppers. These carbs go right through you, and I'm also having very little. Those are my depletion days. The next three days are loading days where I load up on starchy carbs like in pasta, needed for the working out I do on the last 2 of those days. It works out to be like me eating about 500 cals under maintenance to lose weight, BUT, I'm getting a little over mainenance on workout days to make muscle gains, and not lose any muscle. Very good for what I'm wanting to do.

I'm having egg whites with Omega 3 in the morning. Equal to 10 eggs. Whey Protein. A Multi-vitamine. Very little sugar. Efficient calories only. On workout days I eat lots of pasta for carbs. Lot's of meat, and lots of whey protein. Lot's of water. I'm stronger, have lost a lot of weight already, and have never felt better.

It really helps to educate yourself on diet, and it's a great thing to even make a hobby out of. I'm gonna do this for a while and I'll let you guys know how it worked and how much I lost.

As my core gets stronger, I notice it making a huge difference in my performance. Running and at work for example. I started doing deadlifts. My lower back is getting stronger, and it's a great workout that I'm going to do regularly.

My reflexes are also impressing me every day. lol. I don't know if it's just average or above, but I'm so aware, if there's anything around me falling - BAM, I'm there gracefully holding it up.

Oh yea...criticism is welcome.
Mar 29, 2008
Langhorne, PA
Hi Mark,

That's cool. Are you still doing it or did you finish? How is it working for you or did work for you?

What multivitamins do you take? I'm a health consultant so I like to hear about different products people use. I just started taking a multivitamin, I had my mother and sister and some other people try them since I don't like to take pills and they loved them so I decided to try and they really work well. It's the best multivitamin I've taken so I love telling people about it. I just started working out to get a little toned so I take that along with some other health products thats really good. I've also started replacing my snacks with healthier snacks.

But I would love to hear how your routine is let me know......... :)


That sounds good Mark.
I used to get my best results by running one day and strength training the next with one day off to rest.