My Poetry

My Poetry

I have decided to start sharing some of my poetry. This was the last poem that I wrote about a year ago.

New Vow!

by Shaun Patrick Hill

As I walk through this life, every step that I make,
I get closer to you God, showing you in my wake!
Thanks for the blessing, I do not deserve.
My alliance with you, I want to preserve.
Every heart that I've broken, All the lies I have spoken,
I give them to you now, As I make this new vow!
With all of the strength in me, Lord
I will praise your name with every note and chord.
I will read your word, listen, and obey.
And with your help it will be harder to stray.
I will try to become the man I should be.
My heart, to You, I will give the master key!


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Very nice Shill

Thank you for sharing. I pray you will start sharing more with us.

God bless,

Beautiful, just beautiful Shill. It's obvious the Lord has blessed you with a gift of writing. Please share more with us and thank you for sharing this one.

Blessings, Cheri
Thank you all for your wonderful comments. Here is another one that I wrote awhile back. I didn't know if I should post it in a new thread or not.

The Haunting Past

by Shaun Patrick Hill

Why does the past haunt me so?
Why can't I just let it all go?
Wherever I turn it always is there...
I look in the mirror, back at me it stares.
Why should I care? I've changed since then.
But it's stuck in my head, as if written in pen.
I've tried to erase it, but it keeps coming back,
But each time it fades, to a lighter shade of black.
My only hope is that someday it will move on,
And be only a shadow, or all the way gone.
So I pray this to you, great God up above,
Please take this away, to make more room for love.