My saviour,My friend (:

My saviour,My friend :)

My saviour,my Jesus
Lord,there is none like You.

Is there anyone more creative than my Lord?
The devil claims to be-but look how miserably he failed!

Which sin of ours,had our ancestors not commited?
Sucide,abortion,killing others;all are murders!

Yet again,I say
Look to my God!

Flowers you want,He gives you;
Roses,baby breath,tulips & what have yous!

Companions you want;
Humans,animals,angels he sents!

You've seen groups of people
Being happy,doing things together.

Be glad,my soul;
For now you too have a friend to call own.

Since the day you were born
salvation was made free for you;
That your soul may neither be weary nor worn..

[Not sure how it'd be received,but it is one of the few poems written after I've just accepted Christ..]