My stay in hospital,

My stay in hospital,

This poem was written when I was in hospital because I had a total knee replacement last Oct. 08.

My stay in hospital was not all up hill,
I had to do what I was told,
And that was very hard to hold,
Every day I was to take the pill.

At first I thought they would thro the dice,
With a knife my knee they slice,
Of course God was in control.
Then I know I was on a roll.

The doctors pleased my knee on the mend,
The physio came my knee to bend,
Xray show it's all in line,
All things are done at the right time.

The Word of God I spread,
The ward I was in, a four bed,
I started to become a local resident,
All the staff made it so pleasant.

I saw people come and go,
The Lord said, the longer I stay more seeds I sow,
Many people are in need,
I was there to give them the feed.

The doctors, staff and nurses are the top,
They keep you on the hop,
The longer I stayed,
The more I prayed.
ramon 19/10/08