My Works

I have some watercolors, here's one in particular. The color is, I believe, Flemish blue mixed with a little bit of Payne's gray and Ultramarine (Light). I prefer watercolors over oils, mostly because they're less messy and less drying time. I have a thing for clouds:

And a unfinished picture of a tree I saw up in the park last weekend. It was really hot, so we had to leave, but I still kind of like it, even though it's technically not complete... I adjusted it because you could barely even see the drawing:

And here is a light study of a danseuse, Isabelle Ciaravola from the Opéra. This was taken from a photograph of her in the ballet, La dame aux camélias. I did some modifications to the figure to suit my own personal tastes, but if you want to see the original, just ask.​
I really like that tree, finished or not. It takes a good eye and a deft hand to do a tree justice.

Thanks! I like the way trees are shaped, so I have spent a lot of time examining them. Sometimes when I draw trees, I can feel, smell, even hear them. They all have their own little 'personalities', ha ha. :)