Named Storm: 'arthur'

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Named Storm: 'arthur'

Tropical Storm 'ARTHUR', the first named storm of the season, formed out of the remnants of a tropical depression which came inland across the Yucatan Peninsula from the eastern Pacific. 'Arthur' formed near the Belize coast approximately 8 hours ago and is now inland over Belize. 'Arthur' will continue to move westerly across the Yucatan Peninsula and produce heavy rains, 50 MPH winds in places with the resulting flooding.

Tropical Storm 'Arthur' is expected to dissipate within a few days over Southeastern Mexico and will pose no threat to the US mainland. This will be our only posting concerning Tropical Storm 'Arthur' UNLESS an unanticipated turn to the north occurs.

Anyone who has booked a southern Gulf of Mexico cruise for the coming week, please check with your Cruise Line for details.

Please refer to the National Hurricane Center link below for up to the minute Tropical Storm and Hurricane information:

National Hurricane Center

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