Native English-speaking Teachers Needed

Greetings from Russia, dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Today I'd like to ask for your help to connect with some people who would be willing to teach English language to foreign learners of English online over Skype. They don't have to be teachers but it would be an advantage if they had some experience. We supply all necessary study materials and provide training if necessary.
The lessons can be given from the convenience of your home or elsewhere for a few hours per week depending on the teacher's availability, primarily in the mornings or early afternoons. (time of lessons may expand to afternoons or evenings in the future). It's easy and it is already working with a few tutors! They are happy to get this opportunity to work internationally from home helping other people, to get extra income, work in a Christian-operated environment and participate in helping ministry in Russia.

The wage is $10 - $12 / hour. The payments will be sent via PayPal every two weeks.
We need your help!

Please look for further details in the attached document.

Contact us for details or forward this to your friend who might be interested in this project.

Rinat S.
St.Petersburg, Russia

[email protected]
Skype: link4study


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Hey, not really interested in the money, but I'd be interested in helping. I studied Russian for 4 years, and interactions with Native Russian speakers could help me, while I help at the same time.