Near Death Videos



Near Death Videos



I don't know if these have been posted already.

I wanted to say though, that what these guys say about hell is a lot like how I felt that night I wrote this:

"I felt alone.
Like I lost all faith.
Had nothing and nobody to turn to.
Felt there was no visible truth.
I was cold.
I was scared.
Everything around me looked different.
It hurt in the deepest of depths.
This experience was,
in it's truest form,
a broken heart.

This is my theory of what I felt tonight. Leaving God for a minute left me heart-broken in the truest of forms. The term heartbreak has been redefined in my mind. What greater heartbreak than that experienced when one thinks they are without God?"

It's as if I caught a small glimpse of hell or that black that the first video mentions. Cetainly not as dramatically or as real. I could feel time was affected too, like I didn't have time or something. You know when something dramatic happens and it just feels surreal and time is slowed down? Kinda like that, but I'd describe it more like NO time. I didn't feel it as real as these guys say though, but the things I felt seam liek they were a little taste of that.

It took true doubt to feel that way.

I was looking around my room feeling like everything, mostly my walls don't even matter anymore, and it was as if they let off some kind of vibe, and somehow hated me....?

It was like matter didn't matter and the more I thought about material things, I got more reason to think there is no God or purpose to anything, and the more scared I got.